Junior Youth Empowerment Programme (JYEP)

Concern for the moral and spiritual education of young people is asserting itself forcefully on the consciousness of humanity, and no attempt at community building can afford to ignore it.

At the stage of the development of the junior youth empowerment program, the wide-scale multiplication of junior youth group requires the services of senior students who can act as a true mentor and help the school community move towards its goal of achieving critical thinking, global citizenship education among the students.

Fortunately, before the lockdown when school was offline, we found a list of student volunteer who are eager to serve a group of junior youth as an animator and they all were a part of the training that continued throughout the lockdown also. In the middle of the training, as a service component, animators decided to take up the sessions with the junior youth of class VI. In order to observe how well the sessions would run with the junior youth, they decided to start with only two sections of class VI. It went well. Each animator did put their best effort to make the program effective and fruitful. They talked to the class teacher, contacted each and every junior youth and had a conversation about the program.

One of the aspect of the JYEP that makes this program more effective is building strong relationship with the parents of the junior youth. Parents play a key role in strengthening the moral framework of the junior youth by cooperating the animators in their endeavour. It is beautiful to see them having conversation with the parents of the junior youth and conveying them the purpose of the program. Animators are also planning to orient the parents as they believe they are the one who must understand that how crucial the period that junior youth are undergoing through, what physical, spiritual and emotional changes occur in this age group and how easily the junior youth find contrast in the life of the individual and society.



To every generation of young believers comes an opportunity to make a contribution to the fortunes of humanity, unique to their time of life. For the present generation, the moment has come to reflect, to commit, to steel themselves for a life of service from which blessing will flow in abundance. In our prayers at the Sacred Threshold, we entreat the Ancient Beauty that, from out a distracted and bewildered humanity, He may distil pure souls endowed with clear sight: youth whose integrity and uprightness are not undermined by dwelling on the faults of others and who are not immobilized by any shortcomings of their own; youth who will look to the Perfect Exemplar and “bring those who have been excluded into the circle of intimate friends”; youth whose consciousness of the failings of society impels them to work for its transformation, not to distance themselves from it; youth who, whatever the cost, will refuse to pass by inequity in its many incarnations and will labour, instead, that “the light of justice may shed its radiance upon the whole world.”

Regardless of their social situations, young people aspire for spiritual and intellectual growth and “to make a contribution to the fortunes of humanity”. They have many wonderful powers, and channelling them properly is an important concern, for when misdirected or manipulated by others, they can cause much social distress. Among the youth of the world are those alive to the vision of a spiritually and materially prosperous world. Engaging in the programmes of the training institute enables them to see themselves as walking a path of service. Along this path they enhance their capacity to apply divine teachings to the life of society. They understand, that no deed in the world is “nobler than service to the common good”, that “the highest righteousness” is to “arise and energetically devote themselves to the service of the masses”.

With immense pleasure, we would like to share with you that we successfully conducted an animators gathering yesterday on 28.07.2021 at CMS Rajajipuram campus I. 42 animators from class IX, X, XI and XII joined and created a creative and joyful atmosphere. We express thanks to Mr.Harsh Shukla from CMS Anand Nagar Campus and Mr.Sandeep Singh who helped us in systematizing a Program that consisted of prayers, group study on early adolescence and the role of JYEP, experience sharing by class XII animators, planning, and presentations.

It was a well-coordinated efforts of the animators of class XII and other friends. This idea of having a gathering with the animators emerged from a consultation with a few animators of class XII who are passing out this year from the campus. To celebrate their years of experience of serving as animators, we ended up of having an Animators’ Meet with all the animators of the campus.

Plenary and group study:

Program started with the chanting of beautiful prayers followed by a brief introduction of the purpose of the gathering. Then animators were asked to join the smaller groups where they studied a material that talks about the Early Adolescence. This material entails characteristics of junior youth and what makes this age group special. Why is it very important to direct the energies gathered in this age group towards the construction of society? If we fail to achieve, then we know they become the cause of social distress. Also this material presents the prevalent images of junior youth and how they are seen by JYEP.

Experience sharing:

Having received an enriching understanding of the material, animators took a break and planned some creative ways to express their understanding. Meanwhile animators of class XII started sharing their 3 years of experience.

Prakhar Raj Rastogi: I remember when Sibashis sir came to our campus for the first time and also there was another volunteer from South Africa who has come to help JYEP in our campus. We disturbed them a lot. But when we got to know there is a training for the JYEP and my name was shortlisted, during the training, I realized the deeper significance of the program and I became serious. As an animator also we took up one service project of digging a compost pit. This memory is still fresh in my mind that one day after the school when I and one of friend were standing beside the compost pit and doing some work, all of a sudden Principal Madam came to us. She called both of us to her office. We were kind of afraid but she offered us a glass of water. It was summer time. I can never forget that moment. The way we were treated, the happiness that I had because of that moment, I can’t compare with anything of the world. This program has changed our way of living life. Now we are exposed to many opportunities to serve, to reach out to different strata of people. It all began with the day when we joined the JYEP training.

I feel energetic today. In the lockdown period, I was kind of cut off from everyone. When I interacted with the other animators today in the small group, I felt as if I am back to the days when I was conducting sessions with my junior youth. I also feel proud that the same junior youth who were in my group in class VI now have become animators of another group of junior youth. It is a rare moment for me.

Khushi Agarwal: I have seen many changes in my life. I first would like to thank the school for hosting such an amazing program because we are meeting after a long time and it has freshened up our all memory. I remember one learning that happened when I had a group of junior youth. One day while I was conducting a session with my junior youth, I was called by my teacher. My junior youth group was sitting at primary hall. I left the session and meanwhile Sibashis Sir visited my group. Later he shared with me what change he noticed in my group. Following were his words: “generally when the teacher leaves the classroom, students start making noise and hoot. But when you left the group, I was kind of surprised to see the change. They all took the ownership and were facilitating the text book, doing exercise and continuing the discussion. It seemed there were not one animator but the same animator has created a group of animators. That was the change he saw in my group.”

Planning session:

Planning is an important part of the JYEP as we know the process of preparation, action and reflection go hand in hand. Animators were assisted what areas needs our focus this year and what direction their contribution should turn to. Those who have already formed their group they need to think of what to achieve this year i.e. the number of service project they want to take up, how to ensure the junior youth progress spiritually and intellectually. Those who have not formed group, they may think what preparation they need to make for the formation of groups, what conversations need to be held with the parents of junior youth. Those who are in class 12th and will pass out this year, they may plan how to continue their service. They can serve as a volunteer to this program or they can start a group of junior youth where they settle.

Animators went back to their small groups and engaged in making plans. At the end they all shared their plans with the other animators. Plans that were prepared by animators could be understood this way. Some of them decided to increase the number of service project this year like related to the environment, sustaining natural resources. A group of animator who have not started their group prepared a list of conversations which they want to have with the parents of junior youth such as ‘characteristics associated with the junior youth’, ‘friendly relationship between parents and junior youth’, ‘significance of treating them as a youth not as a child’.

Plan sharing and group performances:

The gathering came to an end with having sharing of plans prepared by each group. Each group presented their plan in a very creative way. An understanding of the whole day’s program was being reflected through the sharing. Each group also had prepared a small presentation. Some of them expressed the concepts of the material through skits and some performed in form of speech.

Program ended up with the blessings of Principal Madam. She appreciated the efforts of the animators who together made this program happen. She asked a few of the animators to come and share what has been learnt throughout the program. With her words of encouragement, animators headed back home with a clear vision. Principal Ma’am suggested that such gatherings should happen once in every month.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to our respected Principal Madam, our dear in-charges and coordinators ma’am, without whom this program would not have been possible. We request your prayers for the success of the plans of animators.


"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

Animators' Meet has been successfully conducted by all the animators under the able guidance of Mr. Shebashish at CMS Rajajipuram Campus I. 42 animators from classes IX, X, XI and XII joined and created a creative and joyful atmosphere. Mr.Harsh Shukla from CMS Anand Nagar Campus and Mr.Sandeep Singh helped in conducting the programme in a systematic way.

It was a well-coordinated effort by the animators of class XII and other Junior Animators. Programme started with chanting of beautiful prayers followed by a brief introduction of the purpose of the gathering. Then animators were asked to join the smaller groups where they discussed and studied some given material and notes. These notes were related to Early Adolescence. This material entails characteristics of junior youth and what makes this age group special.

Senior students shared and celebrated their experiences of serving as animators with others. This wonderful programme ended up with the blessings of respected Principal Ma'am.


With the vision of enabling the younger students to understand the significance of developing their potentialities and channeling it towards the building of a new world civilization characterized by peace and unity, City Montessori School Rajajipuram Campus I has integrated a programme to its curriculum is called the Junior Youth Empowerment Programme. This Program strives to engage the students from senior sections as animators/mentors of younger peers, to help their younger friends enhance their power of expression, sharpen their spiritual perception, capacity of moral reasoning to investigate the constructive and destructive forces of society.

With the help of the Animators’ training, senior students learn to shoulder a great responsibility of fostering the environment of mutual support and assistance among the younger ones where they develop their spiritual and intellectual capacities to become the builders of the future civilization. No doubt their task is of immense value. This empowerment program is offered to junior youth in small groups, usually takes place during assembly and activity period in the campus. Following are the aspects that help us to understand the programme as a whole.

Study Materials:
All the materials have been prepared with the aim of developing language skills and the power of expression. Some of them address social issues, while others seek to prepare young people to approach the investigation of physical, social and spiritual reality in a scientific manner. The moral concepts in the materials have been prepared in an open and explorative manner which guards against the kind of relativism with which moral education has been so afflicted in recent decades. Concepts run through these study materials are, “Confirmation: making effort and receiving divine confirmation, Power of choice: we have been given power of choice to work for the betterment of the world or for the destruction of the world.” Followings are the study materials:

  1. Breezes of Confirmation
  2. Glimmerings of Hope
  3. Walking the Straight Path
  4. Learning About Excellence

Creative Expressions:
To be empowered, all the junior youth and animators have to take part in number of meaningful activities that would train their intellectual as well as spiritual faculties. Keeping this ideology in the mind, students of our campus have endeavored many more artistic expressions such as: Preparing Prayer book and virtue book, block printing, warli art, different designs of handkerchief, bookmarks, stone painting. They always take the joy of expressing their ideas and experiences through art and craft expressions. Children also express their creativity in the form of songs, skits, speeches, dances.

Games are used as one of the important element to articulate the ideas or concepts through actions. Various cooperative games are played to help them understand the practical implications of the fundamental concepts of the book.

Service Project:
Translating the ideas and concepts of the study materials which is learnt during the group session into the field of service has always been an important element of the empowerment programme. Animators as well as junior youth of the campus make plans to offer their service for their fellow friends and seniors. Some of the accomplishments were done by the animators.