The CMS school prayer resonates through halls and assemblies in all twenty campuses where students with one accord chant in a melodious tone, “I bear witness, O my God, that Thou hast created me to know Thee and to worship Thee…” With the aim of enabling the students to understand the profound implications of knowing God and worshipping Him, CMS has over the years integrated a special curricular programme into its middle school, called “Junior Youth Empowerment Programme” (JYEP). The curriculum empowers our young minds to understand the two-fold moral purpose of transforming self and society in order to create a new race of men - individuals who think, speak and act positively and constructively. Service to the common good is the crucible in which one’s aim and motive of constructing a peaceful, united world is tested. CMS endeavours to provide that service opportunity to its students.

Through JYEP animator training programme, students of senior section learn about the great responsibility of contributing to the betterment of society. They understand that on them also rests the duty of fostering an environment in which the younger members of their school community can attain the spiritual and intellectual powers needed to become builders of a new civilization. The task is no doubt immense. To counteract the powerful social forces that threaten to sap their powers and distort their purpose, youth can rely on God’s unfailing assistance. They also have to enhance the ability to create an atmosphere of mutual support and assistance among themselves and in their communities in which their powers to transform society are multiplied.

These fledgling efforts need to multiply and develop further. It is with this vision in mind that CMS is raising a call for volunteer youth from across the world and India to come and offer a year of service to strengthen and consolidate the Junior Youth Empowerment Programme and its outreach.

Call for Volunteers

Call for Volunteers to serve as Junior Youth Empowerment Teachers

City Montessori School (CMS) would like to invite you to apply for a period of service at one of its campuses in Lucknow, India.

CMS, which has over 49,000 students across 20 campuses, has integrated a programme for the empowerment of junior youth, inspired by the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Programme, into its school curriculum. This is a unique opportunity to empower and nurture the capacities ofliterally thousands of youth and junior youth who would otherwise not be able to benefit from this kind of education. The success of this programme will depend on youth who can volunteer to serve as teachers and trainers for a period of service ranging from 6 months to one year. Serving in this capacity will, undoubtedly, bring immense joy and gratification to the youth volunteers who would experience this as part of their contribution towards the betterment of society.

Role of Volunteers:

Therewill beone timetabled period each week of moral education classes and/or junioryouth groups for each section of students, which will be facilitated by the volunteer youth. Each section consists of roughly 40-60 students, so the experience will be noticeably different from a typical junior youth group of 15 participants. As this is a new scheme, it is likely that the full extent of the involvement of youth volunteerswill develop and evolve during their time here. Other potential service opportunities includeacting as general teaching assistants, helping with the community outreach programmes, visiting homes of the students who serve as animators, and other service activities. The main role, however, will be to runjunior youth groups within the school timetable. Thus, a youth volunteer’s typical daily schedule would be attending school in the mornings and afternoons, and in the evenings being engaged in activities ranging from participating in study sessions organized by the Office for Youth Empowerment and Capacity Building as well asservice activities with the wider society. Youth volunteers will of course have some leisure time to spend as they wish, whilst remembering that their actions represent CMS and their parent community.

CMS: background information

City Montessori School is officially recognised as the world’s largest city-school, with over49,000 students aged 2-18 and 20 campuses in the city of Lucknow. CMS strives not only toeducate intelligent, hard-working, knowledgeable pupils, who achieve the highest possible academic excellence, but also to inculcate in its pupils a spirit of service and to nurture their inherent capacity to contribute towards the betterment of society. The school’s underlying philosophy is the principle of “TheEarth is but one country and mankind its citizens”, and all CMS pupils chant prayers in their morning assemblies bearing witness to the reality that the purpose of their life is to know God and to worship Him. Understanding the implications of that is the utmost effort of CMS community in its goal of nurturing visionary leaders and proactive world citizens committed to working towardsworld peace and unity.
(for further information, please visit http://www.cmseducation.org)

CMS Events and Conferences

CMS organises 30 international events and conferences on a regular basis, which aim toenrich the school’s pupils and staff, and benefit the development protagonists in the wider society. Youth volunteers would havethe opportunity to attend and take part in these events as much or as little as they would like. These events include the International Conference of Chief Justices(World Judiciary Summit).These gatherings resonate with the school’s motto of “Jai Jagat” - meaning “Hail the World”.

Logistical arrangements

Youth volunteers will be expected to come to the city of Lucknow by their own means, preferably in March if intending to stay for 6 months, and July for one year. Oncethey arrive in Lucknow (either at the train station or the airport), they will be the guestsof City Montessori School. CMS will take care of their accommodation and foodrequirements, and will offer a modest stipend to cover any additional living expenses. CMS willensure that all the youth have access to basic medical care. All youth should come with medical insurance. In addition, youth will have access toCMS facilities whenever they are not in use by school pupils or events - including social spaces,work spaces, outdoor spaces, libraries, and facilities for music, sport, art, computing and Internet access. Accommodation will be in the form of an air-conditioned en suite hotel-style room shared by two youth of the same gender and similar age.


  • Must be proficient in the English language
  • Must be at least 18 years of age on the day of arrival in Lucknow
  • For most foreign applicants an employment visa is necessary.

In addition, volunteers should be willing to adapt to a new culture and surroundings,handle large class sizes, and, most importantly, be willing to learn while serving.

Prior experience of facilitating children’s classes and junior youth groups is preferable. In addition, those applicants who have completed the institute books 3 and 5 - which containtraining for children’s class teachers and junior youth animators respectively - will be favoured. The orientation programme will include the study of the Junior Youth Empowerment Program materials, refresher on some institute materials, Discourse on Social Action, and relevant materials of youth conferences.

How to apply

Please DOWNLOAD and fill our application form and sent back to at jyep@cmseducation.org as a attachment.

Further information

More information on CMS can be found at http://www.cmseducation.org If youhave any queries, please contact us at jyep@cmseducation.org

Report of Animators' Conference


The last two days of December 2014 were very special and memorable for the animators, volunteers, teachers and facilitators of Junior Youth Empowerment Programme at CMS. 120 student animators of classes 9 and 10 fromfive campuses of CMS (Gomti Nagar Campus 1, Aliganj Campus 1, Gomti Nagar Campus 2, Rajendra Nagar Campus 1 and Kanpur Road Campus) gathered together with fifteen adults at WUCC, LDA. The conference objective was for the animator youth to study together and reflect on the two-fold moral purpose of transforming self and society, and sharpen their vision for the construction of a New World Order.

The conference started with prayers, a video documentary showing glimpses of some service projects of JYEP animators and students,followed by inaugural addresses by our respected founder manager, founder-director, President of CMS, and senior principals -Dr. V. Kamran and Ms. DeepaTewari.

The four workshop groups were facilitated by volunteer youth, with JYEP teachers and facilitators working behind the scenesto ensure that the sessions run smoothly. The materials focused on the immense potential and capacity of youth and junior youth and the imperative need of empowering them to arise in acts of service for the betterment of society. Among other things, the material dwelt on identifying and analyzing the positive and negative forces of society; of building moral structures to assist in making responsible and constructive choices; of enhancing the innate thirst for knowledge and attraction to beauty of excellence in all things; and of acquiring an integrated and coherent vision of reality. The animators reflected on the effect of animating junior youth in their schools on their own intellectual, spiritual and social capabilities, as well as on their power of expression and eloquence. The animators created charts, composed poems, made skit presentation and performed Happy Hippo Shows depicting the concepts in the materials they had studied.

With the enhanced vision of the kind of society they can create, and the role that these service activities play in that creative process, the animator youth made plans of action for the next year both for the junior youth sessions in their campuses as well as for their neighbourhood communities. The conference ended with the presentation of the plans and artistic activities; gratitude to our volunteer youth; and words of wisdom from Dr. Bharti Gandhi, our respected founder-director.

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