July 2017 Report

CMS Environment Coordinators Meeting held on
Monday, 31 July 2017 at 12:30 PM
Venue: Board Room, CMS Gomti Nagar II Campus

A monthly review meeting of all CMS Environment Coordinators was held on Monday, 31st July 2017. Mr. Roshan Gandhi Forouhi and Mrs. Farida Vahedi, Head, Youth Empowerment & Capacity Building, chaired the meeting and welcomed all the coordinators as well as the Eco club members (students) of Rajajipuram Campus I and Rajajipuram Campus II.


  1. Report from Eco Club members of Rajajipuram Campus I  & their coordinator:

Aditya Vishnu and Shikha Tripathi, represented the Eco Club of the campus which consists of 30 members, most of which are from Junior Section.  They informed that the Eco Club members along with their Respected Principal planted the saplings and observed Van Mahotsav on 8th July. World Population Day was observed on 11th July by Senior section students in the form of March past with the C.M. of U.P. from Kalidas Marg to 1090 crossing. Pre-primary section teachers discussed about the importance and need of water in the assembly on 20th Julywith the students. Eco-Club members meeting was conducted on 20th July where the students presented the model based on water pollution and also discussed its various control measures. Primary and Junior section students performed the activity of how to save water by putting one litre of water bottle in the cistern so that one litre of water can be saved in every flush. A powerpoint presentation was shown on Sustainability and Bio-Diversity. Students went to Botanical Garden and then carried a survey in the campus garden. They made compost which taught them that even the waste can be useful. They made terrarium and planted saplings, prepared herbarium files. They carried out a plantation drive project. Pre-primary children went to apartments and planted saplings. They spoke with the residents and asked them to water the plants and take care of them. They meet every Saturday mornings and plan their action. The coordinator also shared the report with everyone.

  1. Report from Eco Club members of Rajajipuram Campus II & their coordinator:


Yashasvi Gupta and Sankalp Srivastava, represented the Eco Club of the campus which consists of 15 members, shared their report as follows:

They informed that the first week of July was observed as Van Mahotsav Week with lot of enthusiasm. Poster making, slogan writing and drawing competition were held based on the topic ‘Save environment, Save earth.’ Special assembly and powerpoint presentation was presented to spread awareness about environmental issues and the measures for resolving these issues. Children brought plants and planted them in the garden. Children of Junior section did vertical gardening. Mango day was celebrated by pre primary section. Assembly on Energy Conservation was held. They informed that Saturday afternoons are regularly used for environmental activities.  Various Sustainable Development Goals were also discussed in the assembly. The coordinator also shared the report with everyone.

  1. Environmental Days of August-Assembly Articles:


Assembly articles prepared by the Office of Youth Empowerment and Capacity Building for the environmental days of August were shared with all the coordinators and they were asked to use them during the assembly periods. The topics of the articles were:

    1. World Lion Day-August 10
    2. International Youth Day-August 12
    3. World Elephant Day-August 12
    4. World Humanitarian Day-August 19
    5. World Honey Bee Day-August 22
    6. International Day against Nuclear Tests-August 29
    7. Concept note of the 7th International Interfaith Conference on The Role of Religion in Development


  1. Report from other campuses:


Aliganj II: The activities for the month included commemorating days of national and international significance, understanding the duties as community members and building relationships with schools abroad for collaborative learning with a global prospective. In the month of July, students collected review on measures to be taken for conservation of energy and shared the reports with their classmates. A group of students prepared a video on their efforts of saving water and encouraging their friends to do the same. Dengue Awareness Campaign was carried out. Visit to Aastha, Center for Geriatric and Palliative carewas organized. The students visited Aastha to reflect their gratitude, respect and regard to elderly people by spending some time with them. Few songs and a dance were presented for them to break the monotony of their lives. Some of them broke into tears goodies were presented to them. They also said that they'll look forward to the visit again. Van Mahotsav week was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. A series of activities took place for 1 week every day. Activities included planting saplings, germination activities, leaf printing, special assembly, skit presentation, making paper bags and bookmarks with the help of old newspapers. Students promised to spread the message of green cover amongst their friends and families.

Anand Nagar: Students participated in soft board display to highlight the concept of ‘Go Green’ in which all the dimensions of environment were touched, its problems and ways to preserve it were discussed.  Healthy food activity was conducted wherein students were asked to avoid junk food and have healthy food. They were also told the importance of cleanliness and how they could educate people around them. They sowed seeds of paddy rice and coriander seeds in school compound. All the houses participated in ‘Just a Minute’ and spoke on environmental issues like planting of trees and what would they do if they become the Prime Minister of India.
The coordinator informed that there are 30 members from the Juniors and 10 from the primary in the Eco Club. There are incharges of food, cleanliness and energy in each class or floor who have the responsibility of their dedicated department.

Asharfabad: Van Mahotsav was celebrated across all the sections. The celebration culminated with the open day where all the exhibits were displayed. Pre-primary made paper trees and were told the importance of trees. Primary made newspaper bags, bird feeders. Saplings were planted. Junior section performed street plays, planted saplings. Students were told about vertical garden which was made and put in the class, nourishing plants using a green slurry was explained, the students were sensitized not to just plant and forget but to take proper care of the plants, forest biodiversity was created, models were made on sustainable development. Parents and guests wrote their messages for the environment.  On World Population Day, Teachers’ Talk on how overgrowth in population affects the environment was organized. A Skit on Benefits of a small family was presented. The students gave ideas regarding the activities and also set up the room for environment on Open Day with great zeal. New Energy Monitors have been appointed and they keep a check on the energy saving practices.
Gomti Nagar I: Van Mahotsav was celebrated by the Primary, Junior and Senior sections of the school. On the occasion, special assemblies were put up. Also to mark the auspicious day, saplings were planted. On the event of World Population Day, students visited C.M.’s residence and marched from the C.M. Residence to the 1090 Chauraha. Primary students also celebrated and wrote meaningful slogans and created awareness of global population issues. The Primary students organized cleanliness drives. They went to each and every building to check whether the floors are clean or not. They went to each class and spoke out slogans concerning cleanliness. The Chemistry teacher and eco club members of senior section conducted experiments to check the condition of water from various localities of Lucknow. They also checked the water in the school and found that it is completely safe for drinking. The pH, the oxygen content and suspended impurities are the criteria to draw the results.

Gomti Nagar II: Though the coordinator was absent with apologies, she emailed her report. Special assembly was conducted on Eutrophication which is an environmental problem especially for aquatic life. A presentation was been shown on this topic to make school aware of this problem. On the occasion of Van Mahotsav, saplings has been brought by students and planted in multistoried apartment in school vicinity. Eco club was informed to bring an earthen pot in which money plant has been planted. The pot is then decorated by students in which slogans related to environment has been written. Special Assembly on Eutrophication was conducted.
It is a matter of great pride and honour that CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II has won the Paryavaran Mitra State level award which was given to them on 29th July 2017.

Indira Nagar: Van Mahotsav was celebrated by taking the pledge to save trees. A small activity on GERMINATION was done with the pre-primary children. They were told how to sow the seeds. Then they were told that with the help of water, soil and sunlight, the seed turns into a small plant.  Inter house Slogan, Poster and Collage competitions were held. Water conservation drive was taken up by the Primary Eco Club Members. They kept the bottles filled with water in the cisterns in the toilets to reduce the consumption of water. Slogan writing, poster making and collage making competitions took place. New members have joined the eco club and now the number has increased from 45 to 82.

Jopling Road: The street play Dal Roti Khao was broadcast by CMS FM radio in the program CMS STAR. It was a new and enriching experience for the students. On the occasion of Van Mahotsav trees were planted at IRS Apartment by the students of Class 6. The coordinator informed that in August they are going to perform a street play on Sustainable Development Goals.
The campus has won THE EARTH DAY NETWORK award which is based on earth day activities carried out by the students.
CMS Jopling Road is one of the 11 runners-up across India.

Kanpur Road: Students of the Eco club have done activities for water saving and electricity saving. Planting has been done in various parts of the school campus. Children have kept a watch on the leaking taps in the washroom area and near water tanks. They have inserted water bottles filled with water in each and every flush so that less water is used per flush. The topics of energy conservation, harms of plastics, planting trees were taken up in the model classes of 7th and 8th. The eco club members shared their project which was done in vacation. SDG articles were shared in the assembly.

Mahanagar: World Ground Water Day was celebrated on 22nd July. Soft boards were decorated by the students to depict the importance of ground water and its sustainable use. Van Mahotsav and plantation drive was done by the students thus inculcating “Green India, Clean India” in them. During the summer vacations the students installed filled bottle in each flush system to save atleast 1litre water in each flush.

RN I: Van Mahotsav Week was celebrated in the first week of July. Speech Contest on the topic “Make Environment Clean and Green” was organized. Children were encouraged to plant saplings. An eco-club was formed in primary and junior sections. To save electricity, children are trained to switch off lights and smart boards when not in use. Van Mahotsav Week was celebrated in the first week of July. Poster making competition on Save Water was organized. Rain water harvesting system is in working condition and is monitored regularly.
RN III: Van Mahotsav Week and Cleanliness Drive was observed in the month of July. Special morning assembly was conducted on the theme of Save trees, Save Earth. Students of class I did Tearing and Pasting on picture of a tree. Students of Class II coloured and labelled parts of a flowering plant. Along with this, the teachers explained the importance of trees in their respective classes. Tree plantation was done by the tiny tots of classes I and II. An Inter House Power Point Presentation Competition – DIGIWIZ was held in the Junior section on the theme “Forest Wealth of India and its Conservation”. A collage making competition was organized by the students of Primary Section where the children
used a variety of material to prepare collages.

Station Road: Senior section and Junior Section club members brought saplings from their homes and were a part of tree plantation drive during Van Mahotsav week. Junior section took part in ground water week at regional science centre and participated in quiz, painting, crossword puzzle, collage making and debate. Primary section made paper bags and table mats out of newspaper. Class 5 took part in watering the plants in school campus.