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Leadership & Management

                                                 Head of

                                                 School Development

                                                 Ms Dawn Taylor joined CMS as Head of School Development full time
                                                 from January 2022.
                                                 She has served as a senior leader for schools in the United Kingdom for
                                                 over 12 years. She has spearheaded many school development projects
           Ms Dawn Taylor                        which have had a significant positive impact on learning outcomes.
           Head School Development               Ms Taylor is supporting the design and delivery of Vision 2025.
                                                 Within CMS, her focus lies squarely in the development of future-ready
                                                 learners, a key pillar of our Vision 2025 initiative. Future-ready learners
                                                 are equipped with the skills required to succeed in the modern world.
                                                 She is supporting our learners by helping to deliver a holistic, balanced,
                                                 and challenging curriculum where students learn by doing and
          Ÿ Experiential learning projects       Ms Taylor is working tirelessly to help all learners at CMS cultivate a
          Ÿ Metacognitive learning               growth mindset, wherein students develop a fundamental love of
          Ÿ Active learning strategies           learning and have the self-belief in their own role as active agents of
          Ÿ Independent learning                 change. She enjoys working with students, staff and parents alike;
          Ÿ Global citizenship values            believing in everyone's innate capabilities. In fact, she has trained over
                                                 15,000 individuals in the key concepts of metacognition to achieve this
          Ÿ 6Cs Skills
                                                 goal. Ms Taylor looks forward to playing an active role in CMS students’
                                                 development in the coming years.

          VISI N

           2    0     2    5

          The rise of disruptive technologies such as artificial   For Learners:   For Educators:
          intelligence, one likely to fundamentally alter job   Curriculum: Delivering the 6Cs  Building Capability of teachers
          markets. CMS as a learning organisation will drive   Ÿ Knowledge and Skills  Ÿ Continuous Professional
          innovation ahead of an evolving educational   Ÿ Global Citizenship       Development
          landscape.                                  Ÿ Character
          Vision 2025 outlines huge transformational change                      Creating Capacity of teachers
          for our entire school community. To deliver our   Active Learning Pedagogy  Ÿ Learning-Oriented Leadership
          Vision successfully, we operate under the following   Ÿ Project-Based Learning  Structures
          guiding philosophies:                       Ÿ Experiential Learning
          Ÿ Since information is freely available everywhere,   Ÿ Blended Learning  Enhancing Meritocracy
            the traditional ‘rote-learning' education model no                   Ÿ Merit based progression
            longer prepares children for the future   Personalised Learning
          Ÿ Students instead need to learn those skills that   Ÿ Data for Learning  Campus Improvement Planning
            can never be replicated by technology.    Ÿ Personal Target-Setting: ‘TMS’  Ÿ At all campuses
          Ÿ As educators, we must ensure that the standards   Ÿ Interventions for Learning
            to which we hold ourselves accountable are well-
            defined and fit for purpose."             Cognitive Development
                                                      Ÿ Developing Metacognition
                                                      Ÿ Developing Study Skills
                                                      Ÿ Developing Behaviour
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