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Leadership & Management                                                                                                   Leadership & Management

          An Education We Want                                                                                                      Quality Assurance

          CMS education strives towards a holistic   A Broader and
          programme that helps children love   Bolder Education                                                                     and Innovations
          learning and inculcate the desire to serve        st
          the world. The school aims to provide a   Education in the 21  century must
          broader and bolder education of body,   be both broader and bolder. A
          mind, heart and spirit. Such an education   modern school needs to do much
          produces:                           more than ensure good marks on a                                                      “Education is not a destination but a journey in itself
                                              sheet. Helping children get good                                                      that turns an entity into a human being which is the
          l Self-Directed Learners            academic results is the minimum
          l Quality Producers                 responsibility of a school. Indeed, a                                                 biggest need of the hour.”
          l Effective Communicators           ‘good’ education must produce; a
          l Collaborative Workers             'good' human being and a self-             Dr Sunita Gandhi                           The core aim of education is to provide young people                           Ms Susmita Ghose
          l Critical Thinkers                 motivated agent of social              Hon. Chief Academic Advisor, CMS.              with a learning environment that prepares them to                              Superior Principal and
                                                                                       PhD, Cambridge University, UK.
          l Community Contributors            transformation.                     President, Council for Global Education,          convert challenges into opportunities.                                    Head, Quality Assurance and
          Such an integrated approach ensures                                      USA and EducationWeWant.Org, India               We at City Montessori School make relentless efforts to                      Innovations Department
          every child's development with                                                                                            develop strong analytical skills, creativity and
                                                                                                                                    innovation imbued with values, to make each student   of question making have been held throughout the year
                                                                                                                                    humane in thoughts and actions.                     at regular intervals for teachers to absorb CMS Vision
                                                                                                                                    From ensuring the holistic development of its pupils   2025.
          Integration of Technology                                                                                                 through an effective pedagogical approach that focuses   The implementation of Fitzroy Phonics, Live Worksheets,
                                                                                                                                    on the core components of modern learning-
                                                                                                                                                                                        Experiential Learning Projects (ELPs), Centre for Science
                                                                                                                                    metacognition, critical thinking, and problem-solving to   of Student Learning (CSSL) based assessments has
          2022-23 has been another successful year for hardware across CMS, with the                                                safeguarding better human interaction, Quality      ensured that CMS continues to be a leader in global best
          Computer Department's dedicated team of specialists, engineers and technicians                                            Assurance And Innovations Department strives through   practices in education.
          overseeing the smooth functioning of our computer labs, IT Training Centres,                                              the 21 campuses of CMS to explore, kindle and nourish
          Interactive White Board and Interactive Flat Panels, servers, networking, and                                             the hidden potential and talent of all the students.   We have created benchmarks of the finest educational
          Internet functionality. Should a technical difficulty arise anywhere in CMS, the                                                                                              structures and are committed to providing a progressive
          team is always on hand to ensure that it is fixed immediately. In addition, our                                           It is our constant endeavour to keep our education in   education system aimed at developing a future
          LED screens and sound systems continue to support events for children in our    Mr Vinay Gandhi                           step with the ever-changing environment. Various    generation that takes pride in our heritage and culture,
          state-of-the-art auditoria and across all CMS campuses.                     Honorary Chief Technical Advisor              orientation workshops and trainings like ‘Heads of
                                                                                              BSc Honours (Engg.)                                                                       and also evolves into excellent professionals and
                                                                                              Queen Mary College,                   Mathematics’ Programme, Certificate Programme in    change-makers.
                                                                                              University of London                  Instructional Leadership (CPIL), CSSL Training on the art

          Strategic Planning

          It has been another eventful year filled with successes at CMS, thanks to the
          dedicated efforts of teachers and staff across the organisation. Further great
          strides have been made towards the 'Vision 2025' initiatives, in which                                                                                                 QUALITY
          processes of teaching and learning are being developed and reformed in                                                                                                ASSURANCE
          order to make education more skills-based, emphasising the 'Six Cs' of skills-                                                                                      & INNOVATIONS
          based education: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking,   Mr Roshan Gandhi                                                                       QAID
          Character, and Citizenship. As we enter the new session, we take particular            Strategy Advisor
          pride in that we have been able to expand the provision of the Cambridge      MBA (Education Leadership),
          International Curriculum to more locations across Lucknow, as we strive to   University College London (UCL)
          open up this unique opportunity to greater numbers of students.              BA (Hons), University of Oxford                                   Organising & Conducting                   Expanding the
                                                                                                                                                       Centralised Examinations and            Horizon-PLCs, Adhyan School
                                                                                                                                                             Assessments                            reviews, CPIL

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