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City Montessori School Community Radio Channel at CMS Inter College Gomti Nagar came into existence on first July-2005 at a frequency of 90.4 MHz. Shri Arjun Singh, then Union Minister for Human Resources and Development inaugurated CMS Radio Station and the inauguration of another CMS Community Radio Station at CMS college at Kanpur road branch, was done by none other than Shri Jaipal Reddy, the then Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting at a glittering function at CMS amidst high dignitaries in the same year. CMS Community Radio was started with the sole aim to provide education to the masses.

Radio is an effective medium that is accessible to the poor and to the rich and covers large population areas with low cost in short span of time. Therefore Community Radio has been a great advantage to the poor and needy children who cannot bear the expenses of studying at school. Through CMS – CRS not only the urban community but also the rural community is highly benefited.

Dr Jagdish Gandhi is the Chairman and Dr Bharti Gandhi is the President of the CMS Community Radio. A Very efficient team of enthusiastic persons under the dynamic leadership of Mr R K Singh manages the work of CMS Community Radio Stations.

To listen to the "CMS Vishwa Voice" students’ broadcasts aired every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, you can use the following links:


The mission of the CMS Radio is to become hubs for community learning, cooperation and problem solving. Community members are empowered to produce and broadcast their own stories in their own voices – without losing their cultural identity. It also provides a platform for problem solving within the community which creates the opportunity for expanded social and economic development of the community.

Unique Features

The schedule of the programmes to be broadcast for one month is prepared in advance. The day at CMS Radio begins under the guidance of Station Manager Mr R K Singh and responsibilities are delegated to the team members after which begin the work of recording and anchoring of various community related programmes. CMS Radio is not only limited to narrow educational aspect, but also prepares programmes for community welfare. The focus has always been on broadcasting of highly educative programmes that enhance the knowledge and all-round development of the community listeners.

CMS Community Radio produces the programmes based on the need of the community people be it health, employment, food, nutrition and other social issues like Child Labour, Women Empowerment, Family Planning & Birth Control and other health related problems. CMS Community Radio also focus on the issues which are of daily concerns to a common man, be it Agriculture, Sanitation and Hygiene, Advice on Legal aspects or health of mother & Child, Needless to say the channel is the voice to the voiceless. CMS Radio stations also broadcast programmes that showcase the culture of the village for example the way they celebrate Holi, Diwali, Dassehara and other regional festivals. Special features presented on special occasions are an integral part of CMS Radio. The Live phone-in-programmes is a daily segment where renowned experts are invited who answer to the questions asked by our listeners. CMS Community Radio also aims to treasure the folk culture of the community when the community women come to studio for the recording of folk songs and Sanskaar Geets (devotional songs). A live programme based on folk music on every Friday is very popular in the community where more than 100 calls are received during this one hour programmee. It is the favourate of one and all. Few of the prominent programmes broadcast on the CMS Community Radio are Sehat Ki Baat Doctor Ke Saath, Geeto Ki Jhankaar, Mati Ke Geet, Dastak, Kissan Manch, Nanhon Ki Dunia, Career Mitra, Shakti and Anmol Ratna, Sathi Haath Bhadhana and Janhit Me Jari.

We have adopted many villages namely Maqdoompur, Malhaur, Ashraf Nagar, Jhiljhila Purva, Kulli-Kheda, Mastemau, Khadgapur, Lalai Kheda Sathwara from where we have selected and a very efficient team of volunteers who regularly participate in all the programmes. They also give regular feedback and suggestions about the programmes. The feedback obtained from various listeners of CMS Radio is a testimony to the popularity of CMS Community Radio.

Listen Live

City Montessori School has two community Radio Station

Broadcast Timings are as follows:

  • CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I Station
    • Morning 7:00 AM To 11:00 AM
    • Evening 3:00 PM To 07:00 PM
  • CMS Kanpur Road Campus Station
    • Morning 11:00 AM To 3:00 PM
    • Evening 7:00 PM To 11:00 PM

To listen to the "CMS Vishwa Voice" students’ broadcasts aired every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, you can use the following links:


Since March 2008, the CMS-CRS team has been actively working within communities around Lucknow. This has helped the station produce and broadcast community-based programmes alongside educational programmes. The initiative has also been taken to try and encourage community people to become volunteers and take ownership of programmes.

We have had mixed experiences in this endeavour. After getting women to overcome their fear of the mike, in their first attempts to record local folk songs and those that Mahila mandals compose for festivals and community gatherings, the CMS-CRS team faced an unexpected obstacle. There was a misconception that recordings and songs recorded by the community people were being sold at high prices in the market and community people were not making any money. Gradually we were able to remove this misconception from their minds. Our efforts have begun to bear fruit, as we managed to motivate 20 community volunteers from Makhdoompur village, Nizampur Malhapur, Shekh-Sarai, Tera Khash, Lonapur, Jhiljhila Purva and Kullikheda village.

Ramesh Yadav

A farmer who stays in Malhaur village is associated with CMS Community Radio from the year 2009. He with many other people from the same village was invited to CMS Community Radio Studio for training cum workshop where they got trained on computers for different functions like recording, editing and mixing. Ramesh, who was very shy in beginning is almost a changed man now as he himself says, “I never got an opportunity to learn how to use the computer. However, I am happy that I got an opportunity to speak on the radio.” Since the day CMS CRS invited him to participate in a panel discussion, Yadav has emerged as a more confident person and now he speaks on the mike confidently. “Change will come only when people in the village change their mindset and authorities take their responsibilities seriously.” he says. Now Ramesh is a dynamic volunteer for CMS-CRS in Malhaur who not only co-ordinates the different activities of CMS-CRS but also encourages other community members to participate in various programmes produced by community radio.

Ramesh has also participated in many phone-in-programmes in studio which has boosted his confidence up to a great extent. He has also participated in many drama programmes like a health programme Arogya Mantra and a Soil related programme Mati Ke Rang produced by CMS-CRS under the project “Planet Earth” a program of Department of Science and Technology (DST).

Ramesh Yadav


A 21-year old young girl came to the studio in March-2009 after she heard bhajans being played on this community Radio Channel. After initial fumbling she has managed to settle down to contribute to making various radio programmes. With her confidence growing, she learnt the basics of computer and graduated to announcement and supporting the phone-in-programmes. She too admits. “earlier, I would not speak. I have to thank CMS CRS for giving me this opportunity.” She adds, “It is a great experience, when we are speaking on the radio. Our family is able to hear us, what can be better?”

Chenavati is a dynamic and regular volunteer of CMS-CRS who not only plays various roles in the radio programmes but also encourages other women of her community to come for recording of folk songs and other activities. “CMS CRS has changed my personality and the outlook towards life.” she says.


Shivani Agrawal

A 20 year old polio affected Shivani is one of the four sisters who lost their father a few years ago. She is studying for her graduation and has been coming regularly to the CMS community Radio station to learn the use of computer for different works at a Radio station like recording, editing and mixing of the programmes. A few months ago, this extremely shy girl who would never reply to any question, now speaks boldly and confidently and regularly participates in various programmes produced by CMS Community Radio. She is also a regular participant in phone-in-programme. Shivani herself admits, “I have been scared to speak to people but now I can speak on the mike and record my poems and Bhajans in community Radio station. It has boosted the level of my confidence.

Shivani Agrawal
Shivani Agrawal

Sarita Rawat

Work done by the Community woman in CMS CR

Sarita Rawat, is a 21 year young girl of Jhiljhila Purva village who is about to complete her graduation. Sarita’s father suffered a paralytic attack and was thus unable to earn a livelihood for the family.

Content of the programme: CMS Community Radio airs a popular programme called SEHAT KI BAAT DOCTOR KE SATH every Sunday. On one such programme, an eminent senior gynecologist Dr Amita Pandey from Medical University Lucknow was on air, when Sarita made a phone call elucidating her problem. During the conversation doctor went into details asking certain uncomfortable questions for which Sarita felt that she cannot answer them on phone. Upon which the doctor advised her to come to the Medical University for proper checkup and treatment.

CMS CRS team promptly took heed of her problem and a female anchor of CMS CRS visited her and accompanied her to the hospital.

The lady doctor got all the tests done in hospital free of cost and it was diagnosed with Acute Aneamia which needed prompt and proper treatment. The doctor felicitated all the medicines for free from the hospital. After a month Sarita recovered completely.

During this period of interaction with her, CMS-CRS team realized that she is a girl with lot of hidden talents and a desire to achieve something in life. Sarita was then called at the CMS CRS audio studio and was trained as an anchor by the staff. A delighted Sarita says, “I always wanted to do something different but as I live in a village, I had never thought that I too can contribute to the betterment of my village, now I know the way and CMS CRS has shown me one.”

The change observed: Now as per the doctor’s advice Sarita began eating green leafy vegetables and other iron rich diets. She is also making other community women aware to take iron rich diets especially the teenagers. Now Sarita has evolved further with many Radio progrmme as she is greatly into Folk Songs.

Today Sarita is our star anchor of the radio programme “Saathi Haath Bhadhana” which covers various community related issues. “Saathi Haath Bhadhana” programme has received National Award in Thematic Category at 2nd CR Sammelan at New Delhi on 18th Feb-2012.

Sarita Rawat
Sarita Rawat
Sarita Rawat
Sarita Rawat


In addition to the series of programmes prapred on various issues of community concern, some special workshops and events are also organized by the CMS CR for the community welfare.

Health Activities

CMS Radio also organizes many Health camps at nearby villages with the help of UP Health department, where a large number of community people get their health related problems diagnosed. Full participation of the community people makes the event a great success.

In order to bring out community talents various competitions like mehndi, creative writing, cookery and many other competitions are also organized from time to time where a large number of community listeners participate in these competitions which facilitate in instilling the confidence among them.

Activities for Environment Protection

CMS Radio also organizes various awareness rallies in society such as “Save Water Save Earth” on 22nd March every year on the occasion of world water day.

Save Earth, Save Life is a great event organized on 5th June, ‘THE PARYAWARAN DIWAS’ every year to create awareness about environment conservation amongst masses. Such kind of gestures initiated by the CMS RADIO has not only instilled confidence in community people but also help them become more concerned about the environment protection.

The efforts of CMS Radio were realized when the Department of Science & Technology bestowed the CMS Radio with the project Planet Earth for producing 180 episodes for six months based on various subjects of Earth Planet.

In July 2011 CMS Radio started a series of Radio programmes “SAATHI HAATH BHADHANA” based on varius issues and problems of rural areas. The second episode of series based on Dengue Fever has received the National Community Radio Award in Delhi in 2nd CR Sammelan in 2012.

CMS Radio has also received two more National Community Radio Awards in 3rd Community Radio Sammelan held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi in Feb-2013.


CMS Radio broadcasts many useful & interactive programmes so that community members get adequate information about their health and other problems they face in their day to day life. Special emphasis is given on the participation of the community members in the making of programme.

Through our live programme JANHIT ME JARI broadcast in the month of May-2012, in which Shri Anwar Hussain Chief Manager Aryavart Gramin Bank informed the caller during the live programme about subsidized loan given to the villagers on Solar Home Lights. A nearby small village Jhiljhilapurva had no electricity hence many villagers enquired about the loan on solar home light system. CMS Radio promptly arranged a camp for the demonstration with coordination of Aryavart Gramin Bank and Bajaj Home Lights Ltd. With regular efforts and initiatives of CMS CR many homes in the village are lit with Solar Home Lights.

A short documentary “RAUSHAN HUA JAHAN” is also made based on the above subject.

The work done by CMS RADIO was recognized by Ministry for Information and Broadcasting Govt. of India New Delhi when it received a National Award for the best Radio ProgrammeSAATHI HAATH BHADHANA” in 2012 and two awards for the radio programmes “RAUSHAN HUA JAHAN” and “EKTA RAMLEELA” in the year 2013 at Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi.

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CMS-CRS @ 90.4 MHz: Community Based Programming Creates a New Learning Ethos

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