“CMS Vishwa Voice”
Students' radio broadcast

"CMS Vishwa Voice" is a students’ radio broadcast initiated by the students of City Montessori School (CMS) with the aim of spreading the message of world unity and peace. Currently, CMS students are hosting a live program from CMS Community Radio Station at CMS Kanpur Road Campus. The program is organized under the vision and guidance of Dr. Bharti Gandhi, the Founder Director of CMS.

Mr. Harsh Bawa, Coordinator of CMS FM Radio, is responsible for hosting, conducting, making, and coordinating the program. To overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, a distance recording system was implemented, ensuring the successful execution and production of "CMS Vishwa Voice." The radio coordinators from each campus provide valuable support, and CMS students contribute high-quality broadcasting material. The students’ radio programs receive support from an advisory committee consisting of esteemed members such as Dr. Bharti Gandhi (Chief Patron), Dr. Jagdish Gandhi (Chief Patron), Mrs. Susmita Ghose (Patron), Mrs. Jyoti Kashyap (Member), Dr. Vineeta Kamran (Member), Mrs. Vera Hajela (Coordinator), Mrs. Aditi Sharma (Co-Coordinator), Mrs. Samvida Adhikari (Member), and Mrs. Jyotsna Atul (Member). Mr. R K Singh, HOD Multimedia, also extends his support to make "CMS Vishwa Voice" a popular platform for information, education, and communication.

"CMS Vishwa Voice" is broadcasted every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM from the Kanpur Road studio. Several notable figures participate in the program, including the Mayor of Lucknow City, Sanyukta Bhaatia, G20 Brand Ambassador of Uttar Pradesh Government, former Squadron Leader Mountaineer Tulika Rani, and Municipal Commissioner of Lucknow, Inderjit Singh IAS.

The program also covers various events such as the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World organized by CMS and the CMS Lucknow International Children's Film Festival, where Bollywood celebrities participate. The program actively involves parents, especially grandparents, and allows principals and teachers from all CMS campuses to share their achievements with the listeners. Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, the founder of CMS, also shares inspirational words with students and listeners through "CMS Vishwa Voice."

Each broadcast of "CMS Vishwa Voice" commences with a radio message by Dr. Bharati Gandhi, the Founder Director of CMS. The program includes a popular segment called "Teacher's Talk," where different teachers share their insights. Whether it's a special day, festival, discussion on environmental issues, global warming, health-related topics, summer camps, JYEP activities, or any other activity from CMS campuses, "CMS Vishwa Voice" covers it all and broadcasts every event.

Today, "CMS Vishwa Voice" is gaining immense popularity. Due to its widespread appeal, an e-letter is published and circulated in soft copy every month, providing information about the previous month's broadcasts.

To listen to the "CMS Vishwa Voice" students’ broadcasts aired every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, you can use the following link: