Academic Achievements

Brain O Brain results

Gold medal in Brain O Brain

  1. Uttam

  2. Prakash

  3. Vaanya

  4. Abhiveer

  5. Daksha

  6. Gauri

  1. Jahnavi

  2. Shivanshi

  3. Achintya

  4. Aryav

  5. Ayush

  6. Bhavya

  1. Nikhil

  2. Vansh

  3. Vanshika

  4. Akul

Champion’s Trophy in Brain O Brain State Level Regional Abacus

  1. Gauri Arora

  2. Jhanvi Prakash

2nd Position In Brain O Brain State Level Regional Abacus

  • Dhairya Bansal

Literary Fest 2018 Results

2nd Consolation Prize (Turncoat) In 5th Literary Fest 2018

Pranav Pandey

1st Consolation Prize (Group Discussion) 5th Literary Fest 2018

  1. Sankalp Srivastava

Spell Bee State Level Competition

  1. Pranav Pandey (7th Rank)

  2. Akul Srivastava (16th Rank)

  3. Udyansh Shandilya (34th Rank)

The secret of true success lies in striving to walk and thriving beyond that point-and here, in our campus, this secret, ingrained in each and everyone of us makes us winners all the way in our own rights.

No stones were left unturned by the campus to march ahead on the line of excellence and attain the goals it has set for itself. The students passed with flying colours and their examination results were a testimony of the hard work put in by them as well as teachers and parents.

Activities like elocutions, model class preparations, dramatics and the inter-house competitions held at the campus created a very congenial environment for children to exhibit their talent in different areas.

National Spell bee winners