Principal: Ms Komal Valecha   Classes:  Montessori to Class - V    Address: 183, Sector 15, Block C, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016, India
Contact : +91 522 4041 241”

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CMS Indira Nagar Campus II, United World Building

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”

Striving for a vibrant and dynamic academic atmosphere is a wholesome and holistic exercise. This calls for the integration of students in the qualitative processes of the college. It necessitates an innovation ecosystem to hone the skills of students in diverse programs to mould them to become notable change-makers of the society. The aim is to make learning an enriching, fulfilling, and enjoyable experience through a multidisciplinary approach, combining theory and practice in pedagogy. The focus should be on not only ‘what is taught’ but also ‘the way it is taught’.

I find each day an adventure filled with new experiences, learning for all, and a chance to constantly widen our horizons. It always gives me a great pleasure to see the sea of smiling faces of children and I must admit that on many days it is the students who make my day a little brighter.

At CMS, the growth of each individual student is our focus. We recognize that as we 'work together and learn together' students will be best able to achieve their potential. We firmly believe that every child can experience success and become a responsible, resilient and confident young adult, well prepared to take charge of their future and to become a productive member of the community.

Our curriculum and practices are consistently reviewed to ensure that we are following the most updated best practices and addressing the future needs of our students.

Our students are offered many opportunities to explore their interests and investigate new ideas. We believe and practise the ideology of ‘learning by doing’ where they are involved in multifarious activities even within the classroom. Our students are engaged in a variety of extracurricular activities that allow them the opportunity to grow at their own pace in a safe, nurturing environment.

I heartily thank the CMS Management for their encouragement and support in all our activities. We are sure that the Campus will progress in leaps and bounds in the coming years.

Ms Komal Valecha

Principal, CMS Indira Nagar Campus II, United World Building

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CMS Indira Nagar Campus II, United World Building

Principal - Ms Komal Valecha

Address: 183, Sector 15, Block C, Indira Nagar,
                 Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016, India
Classes: Montessori to Class - V
Phone: 0522 - 4041 241