We care

Greatly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave, our founder Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and Dr. Bharti Gandhi ventured in 1959 to create a mindset amongst the children of Lucknow through education. These Philanthropic ideals have percolated down the very core of CMS The students and teachers are forever engaged in planning activities that can make a difference. One such initiative of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I is the programme – WE CARE, WE SHARE. Students of different levels have adopted certain institutions where they visit at regular intervals every year.

Missionaries of Charity

Students of Pre-Primary visit this home for the destitute every month with something to share with the inmates. The spirit of compassion is palpable and the smiles become contagious.

Sarthak Foundation – A Positive Contribution

Children of class I of Gomti Nagar Campus I visited Sarthak Foundation, an NGO for the education of the poor children in the slums. The main aim of the visit was to make a positive contribution in the growth and development of the society. The students of our branch distributed eatables, clothes and stationery items. A special assembly was conducted by our school children in which everyone present took part. A quiz was conducted and it was surprising to see how well the children of the NGO answered.

Ehsaas – Making Someone Happy

Students of class III CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I visited an orphanage Ehsaas for Community service. The students distributed toiletries and food items. Students also purchased different items made by the inmates of orphanage. They sang songs and played games there.

Cheshire Home – Heart Touching

Students of class IV visited the Cheshire Home. They took various food items for the residents and bought candles made by them for Diwali. Students interacted with them and found out as to why they were living there. Some students were deeply touched and cried on their way back to school.

Shalini Memorial Trust – Lifting each other up

Students of class V, Gomti Nagar Campus I under the project ‘WE CARE, WE SHARE’ visited the children of Shalini Memorial trust and gifted them blankets. Around 48 children in the age group of 13 – 18 assembled in the GSM School where they study. It was a pleasure to see how smart and confident these children are, striking a balance between their studies and work they do to help their parents, despite all the challenges in their lives.

Nirwan – A Promise To Keep

Students of junior section visited a Rehabilitation center Nirwan at Takrohi. It was a special experience for our kids as well as the ones whom they visited. The children vow to keep their promises of coming every year. The experience of spreading happiness cannot be described in words.