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Earth day skit – our experience

Because of the shortage of time, we couldn’t perform our skit also on 24th April (Earth Day- 22nd April), so we had performed our skit on 25th April in the morning assembly!

It was really a good time while we found the matter for the skit, practiced it, and fought funnily for getting longer parts to speak in the skit. We arranged for some flower pots, some props to use and many more things which made our skit more interesting.

It was really good to experience the feeling of not only speaking but also enacting on stage, and we enjoyed a lot speaking about our BEAUTIFUL NATURE!

Our skit was all about telling people to save their environment, by not cutting trees, saving animals and not overusing fossil fuels. So actually we spread the message of “Saving the Nature”.

“Earth Day” Celebrated on 24th April, 2017

We celebrated the “Earth Day” in our school on 24th April, 2017. We couldn’t celebrate it on 22nd because of being busy in the “Seeds Of Hope” exhibition. But it too went smoothly and good!

As usual, in the morning we had an assembly; but not an ordinary one, but a very special assembly! Some of the Eco Club members had prepared something to speak on the Earth Day and that was about the ‘Mother Earth’.

We also had talks on our Panels which we represented in the “Seeds Of Hope” exhibition. It was followed by two girls reciting a poem on Nature which was really meaningful.

Then few members went to give badges of Earth Day to all the teachers, few stood with posters of Earth and Environment; and some others went to give flower pots to our respected Principal, respected Vice Principal and respected Co-ordinator. So, it was really good to experience it!

"Seeds Of Hope" Programme

Experience during “seeds of hope” exhibition

Our experience of being a part of the “Seeds Of Hope” exhibition was really fantastic and we all were really fortunate to be its part! During this exhibition we learnt a lot of things, such as, team work, unity, saving endangered animals, water harvesting, youth empowerment and about nature, universe etc.

Also it was a good exposure for us to represent ourselves in front of all the outsiders and our own friends, confidently and also by this we got a lot of information about our surroundings, nature and society which was really important for us to know!

It was a good experience telling others about our environment and society, but it was the best experience to describe about it to the young ones of class 1st, 2nd and 3rd, who are our youngest juniors.