We care

A visit to an orphanage “Ehsas” on 9th November 2016

The students of class three visited an orphanage named “Ehsas” in Gomti Nagar. It was a new experience for them as they interacted with the inmates and also heard beautiful songs sung by them. They also carried goodies with them to be shared with them. Some children also purchased few items which were prepared by the orphans.

A visit to Cheshire Home

In order to inculcate the values of compassion, empathy, kindness and service, our school took the students of class IV to Cheshire Home at Telibagh, where they spent quality time with the old and less cared-for people of the society. As an act of kindness and concern, children took packets of chips and biscuits for the residents. They also bought products like candles and diyas made by the residents. This visit proved very beneficial and taught lesson of humility and kindness.

A visit to Bal Grah

Imagine if God stops giving us the gifts that he bestows on us. We would lead a very miserable life, a life without parents and the luxuries that we get. He is merciful and has given us every thing we have around us. Well we cannot match up to him but in our own way we too can help people who are sad and deprived of many good things in life. Charity is a way when we give away some money or some articles to the needy which brings happiness to them and lights up their faces. We all the class five students with this thought made it our mission to bring some happiness to these deprived ones and do some charity to feel satisfied that we have done some good for our society.

On the auspicious occasion of the festival of lights the children of class V decided to spread joy and bring smiles on the faces of underprivileged children. They visited an orphanage at Moti Nagar Lilawati Bal Grah played with these young ones and distributed diyas, candles, eatables and warm clothes amongst them.