Global Exposure

College acceptance of Aditya Surbhit

  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst- Chancellor's Award of 16,000$ per year (64,000$ total) which translates to 11,41,928 ₹ per year or 45,67,712 ₹ for four years.

  • Arizona State University - New American University Scholarship of $15,500$ per year (62,000$ total) which translates to 10,99,171 ₹ per year or 43,96,686 ₹ for four years.

  • University of Colorado Boulder - Chancellor’s Achievement Scholarship and Engineering Scholarship of 35,000$ (140,000$ total) which translates to 24,82,000 ₹ per year or 99,28,002 ₹ for four years.

  • Knox College - Trustees Distinguished Scholarship of 36,500$ per year (146,000$ total) which translates to 25,88,371 ₹ per year or 1,03,53,487 ₹ for four years.

His total scholarship amount is 412,000$ or almost 3 crore rupees (2,92,16,691 ₹ exactly).

CMS student secures selection in three universities of USA

Shreshtha Singh, a talented student of City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Campus I has been selected for admission by three noted universities of USA including Ohio State University, Indiana University and Penn State University. Thus, yet another student of CMS brought name and fame to the institution due to his excellent academic performance. He has given credit for his success to theacademic atmosphere of CMS which is highly conducive to study and growth. Chief Public Relations Officer Mr Hari Om Sharma informed that in 2019, more than 80 CMS students have been offered admission to the top universities of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Germany etc. CMS makes consistent efforts to expand students' horizons and provide them opportunities, facilitating their study in top institutions of higher education both in India and abroad. CMS is the only SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) exam test centre in Uttar Pradesh, which enables students of U.P. and other surrounding states to apply for higherstudies in the best universities abroad on generous scholarships. Prior to this, students of UP who wished to study abroad had to go to Delhi to find aSAT exam centre.

Acceptance offer from universities in the USA, Ireland & UK

This is to bring to your kind notice that Yash Agarwal of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I has received acceptances from universities in the USA and Ireland.

  • University of Utah - November 21- Computer Science-3000$ per year for 4 years

  • Saint Louis University - November 26 - Computer Science

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology - November 26 - Bachelor of Science in Human-Computer Interaction

  • Trinity College Dublin - November 29 - Computer Science and Business.

  • University of Leeds on December - Computer Science and High Performance Graphics and Games Engineering.

SAT essay and reading Workshop

A two hour workshop on SAT essay and reading section was organised on 6 Dec 2019 to prepare the students for SAT. Mr Gaurav Chicker and Mr Kshitij from Princeton Review took a mock session and sharedtips on how to write an essay and attempt the reading section.

ISSE Japan (October 2019)

Westarted from Lucknow on the 3rd of October on a very happy journey to a land unknown and to meet strangers. The communication till then had been only through emails or whatsapp messages. We knew something about our hosts, butthey were still an enigma for us. However, once we exited the arrival alley, we were met by a large group, who seemed more like long lost friends.

Each delegate child was taken over with ease, by the respective host family. Next day a welcome party was hosted by the Host families and the TSIE members. A formal welcome was given to each delegate by the host family through a speech. Good vibes and good food boosted our confidence. On Sunday 6th October the entire group of hosts and delegates visited the Legoland at Nagoya. All the children enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

From Monday 7th October we started attending the school regularly. Our schedule for each day was very well planned. Each delegate walked to school along with the host friend. The Principal and the Vice-Principal of the school greeted us on the road each day, where they were stationed to guide the students inside the school safely. We attended Calligraphy, dance and games classes along with the students of different grades. Ms Poonam and I had to take class lessons right from Grade 1 - 6. We took up simple English language games, energizers and cooperative games in the classes.

We paid a courtesy visit to the City Hall on 8th October, to meet the Mayor, where our students presented Yoga and sang a song. The delegation had an interesting interaction with the Mayor. We visited 2 other schools in Tokoname during our stay, namely Nishiura Elementary School and Onizaki Minami Elementary School. We participated in a special assembly in both schools and presented our cultural show.

The delegation visited Tokoname High School on 2 occasions for pottery making classes. Each delegate made 2 plates on the firstday, which was left behind for baking. The next week during our pottery making session we had to paint our plates.

On Sunday 13th October, we participated in the famous Dashi Festival, where the hosts and the delegates pulled the ceremonial float. In the evening the host families celebrated Ms Darshee and Master Yashashwa's birthday in an Indian restaurant. During the host family days, delegates enjoyed visiting various interesting spots in and around Tokoname as well as shopping at Malls.

On Sunday 20th October, the host families organized a Farewell party. A tearful farewell was given by each host to their guest. Members of TSIE and Team leader of the delegation addressed the gathering thanking each other for a successful exchange program. We were delighted to receive the plates that we had made at Tokoname High School.

We left Tokoname on 22nd with a heavy heart. Each family ensured that our stay with them becomes as memorable as possible. After overcoming the initial hitch of cultural differences and adjusting with the food habits each delegate enjoyed learning new things and making new discoveries about life in Japan.

TSIE in Tokoname is very organized due to the active participation of the mothers of the students in each Primary School. They work hand in hand with the school in planning and executing every activity. On my first day Home Visit where one of my girl delegates was staying, I found the atmosphere of the family a little uncomfortable and noticed the child's feeling of insecurity. As soon as I made my concerns clear to the coordinators of this program, a solution was found. Another family volunteered to host this delegate and the rest of the stay was comfortable for her.

We thank our school, City Montessori School, forgiving us this opportunity to experience an amazing culture and to understand as well appreciate our similarities and differences. Our children understood how self-discipline and self reliance makes life easy.


A four member delegation went to Norway, Hordaland for a month long International Children’s Summer Village Camp (CISV) from 5th July 2019 to 1st August 2019. The students include Urvi Sachan, Adwitiya Sachan and Kisha Yadav along with their leader Ms Prachi Dubey.

A three member delegation went to CISV Step up Camp from 28th June 2019 to 20th July 2019 to Budapest, Hungary. The members included Sneha Yadav, Devarpita along with their teacher Ms Neha Sharma.