Virtual sessions of the Junior Youth Empowerment Program

Around 25th March the class 9th animators began their daily sessions with the facilitators trying to regain their enthusiasm and learn about conducting classes ,which went on till mid April. After which the animator and animated sessions were planned out.

With the animators not being able to meet the junior youth in the school campus it was thought of to have online groups for which one section of class six with 60 students was picked up. This section then got divided into groups of 10 each with one class lX animator. The six groups had their first online session on 2nd May and discussed the program , the book and some of them also completed the first lesson. There seemed to be a lot of joy experienced by one and all in the group. Gradually 4 sections of class six and then one section of class seven became a part of this interesting initiative. Now all together there are 30 groups having regular online classes. Most of these groups meet on line either twice or even thrice every week.

Along with the prescribed text the groups have been busy with a lot of acts of service and creative expressions. Some of these have been like mask making and distributing, taking care of "Joy" factor in their families, pledging and helping someone all through the week etc.All these and many more are individual decisions kids make for their own self but as a group too they have had some prayer sessions online with the junior youth and their parents which was well attended by the parents.

  • Open Mike sessions began first as the combined go of junior and senior section together but soon due to the number of kids wanting to participate and also looking at the clear gap between the innocent and mature expressions another platform for juniors was proposed which they named "creative warriors"

  • Every group before taking their regular class is a part of 'reflections' with their facilitators where they discuss the week long interactions with their junior youth and also plan for the coming class.

  • Animators have created a whatsapp group with the junior youth and have also included teachers as silent observers, where their service success for the week is shared all the time.

  • Other interesting activities are the wellness calls made.When a child does not come for a class the animator calls up the parents to inquire about his well being and also discuss what all has been happening in the class.