Virtual honouring ceremony of the ICSE Meritorious Students held on 18th August, 2020

The Virtual Honouring Ceremony of the Meritorious Students of ICSE who gave their exams in the academic year 2019-2020 was held on 18 August, 2020. This long awaited ceremony, and not to forget the virtual one, but the most extraordinary one, accommodated 250 pupils at a time. The ceremony was divided into two time slots so as to accommodate the large number of achievers.

The first slot of the ceremony was honoured by the presence of the Chief Guest, Mrs. Sushmita Basu, Superior Principal and the Head, Quality Assurance and Innovation Department who blessed the students with her kind words and congratulated the Principal, Mrs. Abha Anant for achieving such a high average in total.

The Principal Mrs Abha Anant showered her blessings and congratulated the students, teachers and the proud parents who had attended the ceremony in large numbers.

Later, in the second part of the honouring, Mr Roshan Gandhi, the Director of Strategy, CMS graced the ceremony with his presence. Also the Principals of various other branches graced the ceremony with their presence. Mr. Roshan Gandhi congratulated the students on behalf of our Founder Manager, Respected Dr Jagdish Gandhi. He encouraged the students to continue working hard in order to bring laurels to their school as well as their parents. The unconditional love and efforts of the hard working teachers was well recognized by his words of praise.

The ceremony, although was a virtual one, but none of the traditional aspects of the honouring ceremony were missed, be it the lighting of the lamp or the dance performance.

The Multimedia Presentation with the e -certificates having the photograph,percentage and subjects in which the child has scored 100 marks was the highlight of the ceremony.

Success Mantras- included the interactive question answer session between the present class 10 students and the toppers ,but what we missed was the gracious guidance and presence of our Founder Manager Dr. Jagdish Gandhi.

To conclude the ceremony, there was a Vote of Thanks by the Vice Principal Dr. Yasmeen Khan and the Class 10 Co-ordinator Ms. Jayanti Mehra.

Virtual honouring ceremony of the ISC Meritorious Students held on 17th August, 2020

The Honouring Ceremony of Meritorious Students of ISC batch 2019-2020 was held on Google Meet on 17th August 2020 from 12:30 - 3:30 pm.

The ceremony began on a wonderful note by welcoming attendees including the meritorious students and their parents and teachers.

The warm welcome was followed by the School Prayer seeking blessings from the Almighty.

To keep on the legacy of City Montessori School even in extraordinary times like these, a Virtual Lighting of lamp by the Principal and meritorious students was done.

Our Respected Principal Mrs. Abha Anant addressed the attendees thanking them for their virtual presence and congratulated the high scorers for achieving great heights in academics and for successfully scoring an average of 90.93% in ISC board results.

The address was followed by a Multimedia Presentation by the Music Department of our branch based on the Highlights of Board Result 2019-2020.

The ISC faculty members including Dr. Rabab Zaidi, Mrs. Kavita Agarwal, Mrs. Poonam Singh and Mrs. Pratibha Tewari delivered words of wisdom, congratulating students for the wonderful results and wished them the very best for their journey ahead.

Followed next was a Multimedia Presentation containing E-certificates of all the meritorious students securing 99.75 to 95% marks in ISC Board Examination. All the students were applauded for their great results.

Success Mantras- a Question/Answer round was conducted with Sumit Kumar Tripathi, the ISC National Topper and the other 5 students who scored 99%and above. The questions asked were pertaining to the methodology adopted by them, their advice on how to manage studies and about their personal experiences. Sumit K. Tripathi who secured 99.75% in ISC Board Exam mentioned that he worked upon acquiring and increasing his knowledge more than marks and expressed his gratitude towards his teachers and school who guided him at every step.

The ceremony concluded with a mesmerizing dance performance by students.

Vote of Thanks was proposed by the Vice Principal, Dr. Yasmeen Khan and Mr. Udit Gupta, Co-ordinator,Class XII.

Social Media and the Changing Trends

InsideOut, the psychology cum literary society of the campus, had its official discussion in the presence of dignitaries like Professor Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, Mr Roshan Gandhi, Mr Hamid Mohajer, Mrs Aruna Gupta, Mrs Abha Anant, Mrs Shipra Upadhyay, Ms Rubina Mohajer, Ms Deepti Mehrotra, Dr Manju Anand and Ms Niruda Sharma on the topic ‘Social Media and Its Changing Trends’.

The board members of InsideOut along with the Head Boy of the campus, Adhwant Mishra, conducted the session with Smriti Gupta, president of the society, moderating it. The members discussed the role and relevance of social media in today’s world, the challenges youth face with regards to these online platforms, cyber bullying and what to do when you experience it. In addition to this the participants also discussed network etiquettes or “netiquettes”, which are a set of rules one must follow in order to maintain a positive and pleasant online presence.

Resources about help with cyber bullying and laws that have been created for cyber crimes were also shared during the discussion and it ended on a positive note with feedbacks from all the guests and a quick stress buster question.

Entrepreneurial Society - Business plan discussion

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is facing a humanitarian crisis of massive proportions. This is the moment when we all must come together. Ideate, the CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I Entrepreneurial Society was formed with the idea of giving the youngentrepreneurs a platform to display their innovative ideas. Seeing theworldwide plight, it was decided to organize a competition where students couldintroduce their plans for a business in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, and how it would benefit the common masses.

The Final Round of Pitch Palette began on 10 am, May 31st, 2020. Kruiti Rai welcomed all the eminent guests attending the event. She introduced the judges for the event - Mr Shirish Bhatnagar, lead Business Systems Analyst in Samaritan Health, Oregon; Mr Somil Gupta, assistant manager, GENPACT, and Mr Vijay Raj Srivastava, Asst. Professor dept. of BBA(IB), Center for Management and Foreign Language, Sri JNPG College, Lucknow.

She then gave a brief idea of the competition’s preliminary round, where the participants’ proposals were rated out of 10 by each of the Founders, to give a total score out of 30. Subsequently, a set of Rules and Regulations (decided upon by the Board of Founders) were read out. Participants were requested to strictly adhere to them. The first team was that of Saarth Shah and Ribhav Sahu. They began by saying that during these unprecedented times, to all eviate the adverse impact of this situation on the people, the government has announced several welfare schemes. But the problem is that the people for whom these schemes are being made do not have complete knowledge about them; they know nothing about which schemes will benefit them nor do they know whom to contact for details. Through their proposed application, they provided a solution. By ensuring a comprehensive inclusion of all government schemes for individual benefits, this application will hold the users in good stead even after the pandemic is over. 

Sir Shirish asked about their stream of income, and the return on investments. Ribhav replied that since it is for social welfare, NGOs and other sources can provide the funding. Later, they would charge 50p for each phone call for monetizing their app. The next question was how under privileged people would operate the application. Saarth said that they aimed to make the UI as simple as possible, also available invernacular languages. 

The second participant was Mitul Sharma with his startup - Cook, Donate and Sell which is a platform for donation of food to those in need of it and as well as for the purchase and delivery of Home-made hygienic food according to the FSSAI guidelines. It connects the people who can cook and the people who can't, like bachelors and those at the frontline in the battle against the Pandemic. The business would be based on a website. Keeping in mind the current situation, they would only allow online payment for the Food. Their delivery partner would be Swiggy Genie which would pick up food from the seller and deliver it to the buyer. Their business will be financed through government programs that offer start-up Capital like Prime Minister's "MUDRA" program.

Ma’am Sushmita Basu enquired about what would happen if the donated food was not up to the standard. Mitul replied that it was mainly for poor people. There would be two aspects to the app-donation to the needy and selling to everyone to get profits. Sir Shirish asked about the supply chain. Mitul described it in detail where the food would be prepared according to strict guidelines.

The third team was that of Ananya Subodh Jain and Shangana Yadav, with their mental health app - Ecstasy. It provides users with a comprehensible status regarding your mental health with just a few simple questions. Methods were given to cope-up with mental illnesses, stabilize the users’ thinking process and make healthy minds even better, by providing users certain alternatives with which they could fruitfully utilizetheir time in this COVID-19 situation. The alternatives provided would not only help them indulge in areas of their interests but also supply them with adetailed report on how a certain task can be accomplished with ease, andavailable near-by resources.

Eventually, they planned to monetize it by charging a nominal membership amount from the users post a month of free-usage. Sir Somil expressed doubt that the samplesize was very low. Ananya replied there are suggested activities on app which can be financially beneficial.

The fourth participant was Anujesh Anshwith his idea - Groce-Up. He began by mentioning that one of the most needed start-ups today is selling grocery online and delivering parcels within the city. His business aimed to lift the local retailers, curb unemployment, and ensure fast delivery of parcels. The small retailers would be their target suppliers. They would collect the grocery items and the parcels as ordered through the website/mobile app and the managers would properly sanitize it and seal it, taking appropriate cleanliness measures. They would have a unique delivery mechanism, using the E - rickshaws.

Sir Shirish asked him how he planned to prevent other market contenders from taking over his customer base. Anujesh replied that they would continually aim to make their services better. In the judges’ addresses, Mr Shirish began by appreciating the great deal of research and efforts put in by everyone. Heemphasized the need to make all business ventures revenue-based. Mr Vijay Srivastava expressed his wish to see other schools in the competition, in apossible inter-school event. He also said that the participants’ way of presenting was indeed commendable. Mr Somil advised that finishing touches were still required since the apps were not yet market-ready. He wished all the participants all the best for future. 

The Keynote Speaker for the event, Prof. A K Sen gupta was introduced. He is the former member of the Planning Commission of Uttar Pradesh. He is a senior research fellow at CSR, New Delhi. He is also a former professor V.C. as well as former Acting V.C. at the Lucknow University. He began his speech on the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Indian economy. Firstly, he mentioned the economicmerits and demerits of the pandemic. The positives included enhancement of domestic goods leading to domestic employment opportunities, bumper production of rabi crops, increased possibility of earning foreign exchange and controlling import content of inflation. India can also assume the role of a world business leader.

The negatives were that the GDP growth rateis likely to decline by 1-1.5% by 2021, decreased size of the economy from 3 trillion dollars to 2 trillion dollars, 200 million people below the povertyline and widening income inequality.

He also informed the gathering of the Governmental measures and RBI monetary policy to combat these adversities. The government would 

  1. Provide enough money to the poor forhealthcare management. 

  2. Protect the economy from financial bankruptcy.

  3. Support the poor and vulnerable who need food and financial support.

Our Founder-Manager, Dr Jagdish Gandhi mentioned how it was a revolutionary idea that led to the formation of the European Union, and the European Court of Human Rights and Justice. He stressedon the importance of entrepreneurs providing jobs to the common masses.

Anjali Tiwari gave the vote of thanks by thanking the judges, the attendees, the Board of Founders, the audience and the participants for making the event a success.

Online Debate

Online Debate on the motion - “This house believes that online classes should permanently replace traditional classrooms.”

The Debating Society of City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Campus I, organized the Final Round of the Online Debate on the motion - “This house believes that online classes should permanently replace traditional classrooms.” It was attended by principals from various branches, our Founders Dr Jagdish and Dr Bharti Gandhi, the Director of Strategy Mr Roshan Gandhi and teachers and student spectators of the school.

The gathering began with the expression of gratitude from our principal, Ma’am Mrs Abha Anant, to all the participants and spectators for attending the debate. She also thanked the judges for gracing us with their presence.

Aditya Rai welcomed everyone and gave a brief introduction of the topic and its relevance in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Moderator for the debate, Sakshi Sachan, introduced the judges and listed their various qualifications and achievements. She also made everyone aware of the rules of procedure. The participants were to be given 4 minutes each for their speeches, with an additional 1 minute for rebuttal.

The participants for the proposition were Prashant Mani Shukla, Medha Tewari and Vaibhav Pratap Singh. The opposition argument was taken up by Shreya Agarwal, Alima Mahdi and Aditi Singh.

Eminent personalities in education adjudged the debate. They were Mr Asif Zaman Rizvi (Director, Azaz Rizvi College of Journalism and Mass Communication, Lucknow), Dr. N. Duraimutharasan (Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and information technology, DMI- St. John Baptist University, Malawi) and Dr Ajith Kanna (Professor of French and Francophone Studies, at the School of Language, Literature and Culture studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi).

Both the sides did justice to the motion. As the Proposition stressed how change is the only constant which should be welcomed, the Opposition left no stone unturned to stigmatize it and show the importance of the human environment in learning.

  • Best Speaker- For the Motion: Prashant Mani Shukla

  • Best Speaker- Against the Motion : Alima Mahdi

The Director of Strategy, Mr Roshan Gandhi said that he was delighted with the exceptional arguments. He congratulated everyone on their efforts. He personally believes that online classes shouldn’t become the new norm because the whole of school experience is not the technical aspect of learning. Actually, it is the skills, values and friends we gain along the way.

On a special request from Mr Shirsh Bhatnagar from USA, the house was opened for discussion on the question "If we were to start school tomorrow, would it be online or traditional?" Aditya Rai replied that it was a hard concept to imagine that he would be sitting in a classroom even three-four months from now, as the world has changed so much.

The Founder-Manager Dr Jagdish Gandhi congratulated the Debating Society on organising a debate on a very important question. He mentioned that if there is no internet connection in villages, and no smartphones for poor children, government should provide it to rural schools, because child education will lead to national development.

Lastly, Adhwant Mishra mentioned how amazing it was to witness the debate. The participants did full justice to their topics, and the opposition was very well-researched.

The results were announced, where Prashant Mani Shukla won the Best Speaker for the motion, and Alima Mahdi won the best speaker against the motion. They were heartily congratulated by everyone. Ma’am Dr Manju Anand the activity coordinator CMS Gmotinagar Campus I was thanked for her diligent efforts in planning and conducting this debate and motivating students to run 15 societies and for always inspiring her students to be the Trend Setters in their fields.

Thus, with a concluding speech by the Moderator, the debate came to an end.

Online debate competition

Online debate competition held on 17th May 2020 organised by the Student Debating Society of CMS, Gomti Nagar Campus I.