World Biodiversity Day

Students of City Montessori School Gomti Nagar Campus I (ICSE and Junior section) on 22nd May, 2020 celebrated World Biodiversity Day. After doing an eco friendly activity of COMPOSTING, they got an idea of feeding birds with water and food and shelter! "BIRD FEEDER" so the students prepared bird feeders with household stuff like eggplates, small tins, plastic bottles, cardboard etc. They tried to reuse or recycle any household stuff. All those who participated in these activities from home will receive certificates when the school reopens.

The theme of International Biodiversity Day 2020 is "Our Solutions are in Nature". It is time to reflect and introspect the importance of Biodiversity in our lives. Biodiversity is the basis for a sustainable future and it is due the short sightedness of human beings that there is loss of biodiversity. Let us live responsibly in harmony with nature.

World Tobacco Day

On World Tobacco Day, 31st May students of Gomti Nagar Campus I (ICSE section and Junior section) made posters showing the consequences of consuming tobacco & the ways in which it can harm a person's health and life. They also made presentation showing the harmful effects of smoking, different diseases & their symptoms caused due to consumption of tobacco & mentioned some ways in which people can leave the habit of tobacco consumption.

World Environment Day

On this World Environment Day, Eco club members of ICSE section have made beautiful paintings depicting that it is time for us to save the nature. They have also made beautiful posters depicting this year's UNO theme-BIODIVERSITY. Due to Corona virus pandemic the earth is healing & the pollution is also getting reduced & the environment is getting better. So let's take this pandemic as a positive thing & develop an attitude of saving the environment.