December 2019

Picnic to zoo

With the humongous advancements in technology we as a society are losing our connection with nature and it is our responsibility to teach and sensitize children with the awesome feeling of being one with nature. With this idea we annually organize school picnics to give children the sheer joy of being with their friends in the natural surroundings.

The beautiful December morning mixed with smiles of toddlers and ecstasy of their hearts was a beautiful and heart warming site for everybody as we commenced our day on December 7th 2019 for the School picnic to Lucknow zoo.

The children came smartly dressed in the School Uniforms carrying with them their favourite lunch showcasing proudly their mother’s culinary skills, they also shared it with their friends and teachers. They had fun by watching animals, 3-D movie , the butterfly museum and enjoyed the toy train ride. Some rare birds were a feast to the eye for all.

The teacher son one hand keeping a close eye on their safety, also made sure that the children have a wonderful and memorable time. The day flew off fast, it was a day that could be small in time but huge in experience and memories.

Fire drill

Fires can cause devastating effects to any type of premises. However, schools in particular are at significant risk. They are often filled with numerous fire hazards and potentially hundreds of students, many of which may be vulnerable or don’t fully understand what to do during a fire. This can make evacuation procedures difficult.

Therefore, it’s crucial for schools to establish a clear, step-by-step evacuation plan that explains exactly what everyone should do in the event of a fire. Further more, you must carry out regular fire drills. Doing so is not only important for checking that the plan actually works in practice,but also for familiarising everyone in the school – students in particular – with the evacuation process.

This article explains why fire drills are so important in schools and looks at what they entail. It will enable you to carry out useful fire drills that help you refine your evacuation plan and ensure everyone in the school is prepared for an emergency.

Everyone in a school needs to take part in regular fire drills, as it helps them to fully grasp the building’s escape routes and the instruction they must follow. In particular, fire drills help young students and those still maturing to become accustomed to the process and recognise that they need to take fire safety seriously.  This can help to reduce confusion, panic, and any disorderly behaviour.

World Aviation Day

The vast open skies, the flying birds and the roaring aeroplanes fascinate us all. The ride in the skies is an experience that is thrilling and stimulating at the same time.

World Aviation Day falls on December 7, the Pre Primary section of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I celebrated this day to give children an opportunity to talk and learn about aeroplanes. The children made paper aeroplanes by paper folding activity. They saw videos on IWB related to aviation.

They were also introduced to the names like “Wright Brothers” who are the Father of modern aviation. They were also instilled with the idea of being curious anddoing innovative things.

The children had much fun learning a new thing and were inspired by the saga of aeroplanes. As teachers our goal of opening the minds and brains was once again met with success.