April 2019

Human Space Flight Day

Yuri Gagarin the Russian astronomer started off with his journey into the space on April 12th. This day is therefore celebrated as Human Space flight day celebrating the important milestone in the journey of Space travel. Making this information entertaining for the children of Pre Primary we observed this day with full fervor on April 12th 2019 in the Pre Primary section of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I. The children came dressed as astronomers to aliens. They were taught the names of the Planets and few Universal facts apt for the age example The fact that The Sun is in the center of the Solar system. Two sections of Nursery even hosted the parents to witness the wonderful assembly followed by this celebration. Principal MaamAbhaAnanat and Head Mistress Maam Saba Hussain witnessed this awesome celebration only to cheer the students and make them feel loved. An Important information was passed onto the children in a way they appreciated and enjoyed.

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