Inauguration of School Library & New Turf

Hobby Classes

Arrays of activities were conducted by the teachers of junior section to take out the hidden talents in their students. It was a joyous and zealous time spent together giving a creative break to our students. They came up with wonderful and useful art and craft pieces.

Literary Fest Inter Campus Contest

Aditya V. Jhaldijal of 6-I won first prize in E-magazine and Utkarsh Singh of 6-C won first prize in Turncoat.

Special Assembly

Flip Teaching

Students of class VI-G involved in Flip Teaching on the topic "South America location and its Physical Features" with the help of various Teaching Aids, Quiz, interesting facts about the features to make it even more interesting.

Class activity on 2D / 3D dimensions

Class VII students had hands on learning concept on geometry. Geometry net is a 2-dimensional shape that can be folded to form a 3-dimensional shape or a solid. We visualize how the net is to befolded to form the solid and ensure that all the sides fit together properly.

Ill Effects of Social Media

A skit on the ill effects of social media and its addiction was put upin the Assembly conducted by class 7 students and the teacher Ms Kirti Nigam on 17th Dec 2019 gave the teacher's talk on the same topic.

Inaugural of Astroturf and Library Video


Extempore competition was conducted during the assembly for class VII on 23rd July.

Investiture Ceremony

On 22nd July Investiture Ceremony held in Junior Section. Student Council members took the pledge to impart their duties.

NASA’s Mission Apollo 11

On 20th July 50th Anniversary of NASA’s Mission Apollo 11 was celebrated in CMS Gomti Nagar campus 1 with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Tree Plantation Drive

On 18th July students of Junior Section took part in a Tree Plantation Drive outside Janeshwar Mishra Park. It made them realize the importance of planting saplings.

Solo singing

Solo singing competition for classes VI, VII and VIII organized between 15 – 17 July.

Menials Day

Menials Day celebrated in junior assembly. Students were made to understand the importance of support staff.


Clubs were conducted successfully in junior section:-

  1. Old newspaper craft
  2. Paper craft work
  3. Flower making / Vase making
  4. Needle work
  5. Painting on different base
  6. Wall hangings
  7. Sutli work and crochet
  8. Dance
  9. Music
  10. NJS
  11. Creative writing – English
  12. Photography
  13. Hindi creative writing
  14. Eco Club
  15. Chocolate club

Plastic free day

Class 8 students presented a beautiful skit in the assembly focusing on the hazardous effects of plastic and why it should be replaced with some environment friendly jute or paper with immediate effect. They gifted colourful paper bags to respected heads of the institution.

Van Mahotsava

From 1st July to 7th July we celebrate a special occasion that is the Van Mahotsava. A special assembly was conducted to create enthusiasm among g students for Forest Conservation and planting trees. Class 8 students urged everyone to save trees and also plant more to conserve our environment.

Vidya ka Parv

The students of Junior Section were welcomed with a Special Assembly prepared by the teachers. Theme of the assembly was Compassion and the selfless service that doctors provide to celebrate National Doctor’s Day – 1st July.


CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I, on 13th July, 2019, celebrated success of its students in 2018-19 results of ISC and ICSE Board Examination in a befitting ceremony 'Triumph'.

Kid Fit Activity

A Kid Fit activity enjoyed by all.

Radio Community Programme

Students shared their Global Dream Project experiences with Thomas Sir.