February 2019

A visit to the zoo

The Pre Primary section of CMS Gmoti Nagar Campus I spend the day seeing the wildlife in the NawabWajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden on February 8th 2019.

They were ecstatic right from boarding the bus to taking a long walk seeing the animals like Deer, Lion, Tiger, Alligators, Chimpanzee, and Gorilla. Various birds like owls, peacocks, vultures, eagles etc. made the day educative. The Fisheries also was attractive for the children too.

The toy train ride was the icing in the cake where the children with great safety and caution had great fun too.

It was high octane day well spend with the children.

Towards the end of the session spending some quality time with the children is always worth the effort and so was the day today.

Fairy and Elves Day

The bubbly, chirpy girls as Fairies and the smart and brave boys as Elves was the theme of the day that dawned on February 1st 2019, in the Pre Primary section of CMS Gomtinagar Campus I.

The Astroturf area was decked up as wonderland with the Castle entrance, fairies and elves décor, a beautiful carriage and a vibrant music to match the day.

The children were ecstatic to come to school as they got to dress up the way they love to. They were able to connect and feel the beauty of the day. The ambience was filled with laughter and giggles and we could not stop to thank the God above for everything.

This day had a special significance as we got to amalgamate it with the Birthday of Our Mentor and guide Mrs. Abha Anant, whose guidance and love makes the impossible possible.

The Children were gathered in the field to welcome her, sing songs for her and make her feel special.

It was a little gesture on our part to feel thankful to belong to CMS fraternity and for having Ma’am Abha as our Principal.