April 2018

Ice Cream Party

Once again we strived and yearned to see the smiles and gleam in the eyes of our little ones, which led us to organizing an Ice Cream Party for the Children of Pre Primary Section of City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar 1 on April 26th 2018.

The funds for the same were generously given by Our Founder Manager Dr.Jagdish Gandhi.

An ice cream trolley was put up in the lobby for the children to have some fun and enjoyment. As an ancillary information the Children were told about how the ice cream is made.

With background music of “I cream we scream you scream Ice cream” brought the tempo up.

The children had a respite from the scorching heat in the form of Ice-cream.

It was an indeed a sweet and a cool day.

Mr. and Mrs. Chef 2018

The Pre Primary section of Gomti Nagar Campus I of City Montessori School makes tireless and relentless efforts to keep doing innovating and revolutionizing activities and events.

One such event took place in the auditorium on April 21st 2018 which was graced by Mr. Roshan Gandhi, Director of Strategy. He was amazed to see the huge turn up of Parents who with innovative dishes participated in the school activity hoping to make their little ones smile and teach the idea of contribution and involvement.

The chefs from Ranjee’s were the judges for the day who were also happily surprised with the lineupof healthy and innovative dishes. One such dish MatarHalwa which won the First prize would also be imbibed in Hotel Ranjee’s Menu.

It was an eventful day with great snacks,main course and mock tails as showstoppers.

Once gain the CMS way of excellence was brought forth in front of Parents who with great pride and expectations hand over their children to mentor and guide us.

A Visit to the Missionaries of Charity

The humility and service to mankind are the two traits which need to instilled in the present generation as early as possible so that they can become the chaperones of love and peace in the world.

The world is burning with hate and crime and it desperately needs the bandage of love and kindness and who better than Mother Teresa who lived and led with example could be our rolemodel.

With these ideas in mind we the Pre Primary section of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I embarked yet gain on the journey of teaching good values to the Children in whatever little time they spend amongst us. We planned and executed the visit to “Missionaries of Charity” on April 18th 2018.

Two sections of Kindergarten with supplies of Bananas, chips and toothpaste visited the Old Age home.

They sung the prayer “Karo Margdarshan Prabhu Mera” and some rhymes. Later with their own tender hands they distributed the things.

Little twinkling eyes were pensive to see them but the teachers taught them that we cannot let the unfortunate to their fortune instead we have to get up and help them lead a decent life.

We hope our teachings and our idealogy touches the hearts of our students and they grow up to be the real “Light of The World”.

Human Space Flight Day

The growth of humans in space and beyond is a milestone that is cherised by the race and is celebrated in all possible domains. Keeping this in mind and utilising the importance of the day we the Pre Primary Section of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I celebrated “Human Space Fight Day” on April 13th 2018.

The children came dressed as astronauts, aliens and planets. A special assembly was organised where they were told about space and planets. Thereafter they were educated about one distinct feature of each planet which was a take away activity. We wanted the Children to remember this information which they could use in higher classes. This was followed by a German Song and a Pledge to keep the earth clean and green.

The classrooms also bustled with the activity on this idea. The teachers spend some quality time and imparted important piece of information to the Children.

It was indeed a great day keeping in mind the importance it holds in regards to the technological advancement it denoted.

The children learnt an important aspect and we as teachers felt satisfied in making a difference in the lives of the Children we take care of.