Theatre Club Activities

Theatre is intrinsic to a sound education. To help students understand how theatre can help them evolve as better individuals CMS Gomtinagar Campus I started its Theatre Club two years ago. This theatre club under the patronage of NJS (Not Just Studies) has been conducting classes for both Primary and Junior school students on a weekly basis. On Saturday the theatre club students of the primary section and the junior section of Gomtinagar Campus I presented two plays on stage, Sword in the Stone (based on the story of King Arthur) & Minister’s Vow (the English translation of Sanskrit drama Pratigya-yaugandharayan by Bhasa). The students were trained by the trainers of Not Just Studies (NJS), Raghav Sharma and Abhishek Singh under the guidance of its Director Sajal Modi. The occasion was graced by the presence of our beloved Dr. Bharti Gandhi, Senior Principal Ma'am Batra, Ma'am Sangeeta Banerjee Principal Gomtinagar Campus II, Ma'am Rekha Sharma, Dr. Manju Anand and the parents of the student participants. The Principal Ma'am Abha Anant congratulated the teachers and students for the brilliant performance and reiterated that the Theatre Club was established on the motivation of our beloved Badi Didi who aspires to see her students benefit from what theatre can provide.

Apart from gaining skills of acting and public speaking, the students also improve upon vital inter-personal and life skills such as discipline, team-work, listening-skills, decision-making and emotional Intelligence. Teachers have found a noticeable change in some of these students; their aggression and hyper-activity has found a channel of expression in these theatre classes. These plays will be presented in the school assemblies for a larger audience. We wish to see many more students become a part of this theatre Club.

A Day Adventure Camp

A Day Adventure Camp was organized for Primary section students of CMS Gomtinagar Campus I on Saturday 19th January by ROCKSPORT. The day was indeed full of adventure and excitement as students engaged in activities like Tug of war, Hamster Wheel, Dragon Move, Body Zorb, Double Rope Bridge, Burma Bridge, Zorbing, Zip lining, Hop Scotch and Commando Crawl etc. The Principal Ma'am Abha Anant addressed the children before declaring the camp open. These activities lasted for around 4 hours with children returning home tired but elated. The school plans to host many such adventure camps in future as well.

Children’s Day Celebration

There was a time when choosing the colour of a sketch pen was a tough task getting the window seat on the school bus was a big deal, getting a toffee as a birthday treat from a friend made our day being the first to finish copying from the blackboard was a moment of pride, hiding the answer from our partner was not selfishness, when homework was the only torture, all elders were ideal, early to bed early to rise was life's mantra, owning a bicycle or one coveted doll was the only treasure to look good was only to put loads of powder and a neat comb television time was a community time, nothing compared to mum's cotton sari pallu to wipe a runny nose and teary eyes and dad's shadow was good enough to get the schoolbooks out

Childhood is about innocence and playfulness. It is about joy and freedom. So with this joy, primary section of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I, celebrated children's day starting with table top cooking where the little ones mimicked their mothers culinary crusades without the danger of the real kitchen activities. It was followed by a series of other fun filled activities including dancing, tele matches and singing and kids' movie show.

Remember the greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of Independence. Happy Children's day to all.

Children’s Day

“Every child is potentially the light of the world”. We at CMS believe this with all our heart and soul and attempt to make every child feel special, loved and wanted. November 14th being Children’s Day in India we the Pre Primary section of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I celebrated it with great enthusiasm .Right from entering the school premises the children were given chocolates and wished “Happy Children’s” Day on their special Day.

Children did Table top cooking in the classes trying their hands to fine tune their culinary skills. From Bhel Poori to sandwiches the cuisine was diverse.

Yesterday also the preprimary section had organized a sports day kind of event to make the children feel special. Stalls of games like – Feed the lion, musical chair, balancing to putting the clothes on the clothes line were put up. The children visited this game zone andrelished the games.

To sensitize the children about the real reason about celebrating the day they were shown documentary in the classes on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and were told about the fact that because of his love for the children his birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day.

Having done the cooking, having shared and eaten the food and gained the knowledge about the facts on children’s day the children did have some more time which was further utilized to watch movies like Jungle Book and Minions.

A beautiful and important day was celebrated in the perfect way which celebrated childhood and innocence.

Let’s keep these children safe and smiling as they are an assurance for the future.

Postcard Campaign

Children participated in Global Climatic Action Postcard Campaign and made 100 postcards to beat the Guinness World Record of the largest composed postcard conducted by CEE (centre of Environment education)

World Literacy Day

Education is a human right.

To create awareness on the issue of adult and child literacy, World Literacy Day was celebrated by the primary students of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I. Children were asked to take a step to create an awareness about the importance of education and help their domestic helpers by teaching them to read and write. They were also asked to donate their old books and stationery items as an extended help. A teaching session was conducted for the support staff. They were shown a motivational video on women’s education.

Raksha parv celebration

On 25 th August eco club members of senior section celebrated Raksha Parv. They made Rakhee, posters & brought gifts for underprivileged children. They tied Rakhee to trees which they have planted before, to principal ma'am, vice principal, coordinators, teachers and children.

Birthday of our Founder Director Dr Bharti Gandhi

Founder day was celebrated with a special activity of planting saplings in school and given out potted plant to our respected founder director Dr Bharti Gandhi as a mark of respect for all that she has done and is doing for the children of not only this school but also the society. Members of Eco club under the slogan 'Go green services' took the initiative to spread awareness to save our planet. The day was celebrated with fervour zest and enthusiasm in the school.

City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Campus I, celebrated “Founder's Day” on 8th August 2018 with a special activity of inviting grand parents to school to mark the Birthday of our Founder Director Dr Bharti Gandhi. A special assembly was conducted on this occasion to express the love and respect by the students.

The day was celebrated with fervor, zest and enthusiasm in the school.

Students of primary section got a golden opportunity to be addressed by grand parents.

Grand parents told them some moral stories. Students enjoyed with grand parents and thanked them for spending their valuable time and sharing their thoughts with them.

Founders Day

Founder’s Day was celebrated with great fervor and excitement in the Pre Primary section of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I on August 8th 2018. Dr Bharti Gandhi was welcomed by a sea of students at the gate where she was presented a grand bouquet. Later she entered the auditorium where the Pre Primary Children were waiting eagerly for her. They burst with excitement and sang the Happy Birthday Song and other rhymes like “Baar baar din ye aye” and “tum jeeyo hazaaron saal”.

Grandmothers Singing competition was organized on this day as a mark of respect to all the Grandmothers. We believe that grandmothers are the foundation of the family just like Dr Gandhi who stands as the rock solid pillar to the CMS Family and therefore what better to thank and honour them on Dr Bharti Gandhi’s birthday.

A magnificent picture of Dr.Mrs Bharti Gandhi along with a citation was presented to her. A grand picture with all the Grandmothers was the “Kodak moment” of the day. She also cut a cake in the presence of the students and the Grand Mothers.

To pep up the excitement a Tiara and sash of the Birthday Girl was also arranged for along with Birthday supplies.

We wish her a Very Happy Birthday and hope for her good health and wellbeing. May she be our guiding force till eternity.

A Visit to the “Missionaries of Charity”

Having enthusiastically adopted “Missionaries of Charity” we plan a visit every Month to this Old Age Home.

Today i.e. July 23rd 2018 we The Pre Primary section of CMS-GN1 visited them again with loads of charity donated by our generous parents which included shaving creams, toothpastes and Dettol soap.

The staff volunteered as well by donating towards mango distribution.

The inmates of the Old Age Home were happy as always and showered the children with silent blessings.

Besides just donating and distributing what the childrenbrought, Children understood and felt the need to help the unfortunate.

It was a surreal experience asalways, and we would continue with it as much we can with the best of our abilities and intentions.

World Pollution Day

Junior section celebrated world population Day on 11th July, children spoke about the growing population at an alarming rate and its effect on the earth & our environment.

Van Mahotsav

On 5th July junior section celebrated “Van Mahotsav “by spreading the message of saving Trees by putting up painting & collage making competition.

Say No To Poly Bags Save Earth

Junior section eco club members made paper bags from old newspaper & use paper bags in lieu of polybags to distribute sweets on their birthday.

Save Water Campaign

Water is necessary for the sustenance of human life. So the members of Eco club senior section took up the Save Water Campaign on 18th July. The enacted out a street play that pointed to the importance of water in daily life. They also suggested some steps for conserving water & taken pledge. They made badges & posters related to Save Water Theme.

Save Water

Junior section children keeping in mind the growing crises of water have started awareness on "Save Water" by not just restraining themselves up to school level but have taken initiative to be an example at their home and the community level as well

  1. Ac water being reused.
  2. Collecting the waste water from RO and reusing them.
  3. Used water given to plant.

Go Green Services

Junior section eco club members determined to make the surroundings green and healthier by placing small plants at the corridors of their classrooms and their classes and take the charge of their plants because Van Mahotsav should not be a matter of just a week an initiative of the "Go green services".

The Mini CISV camp

The mini CISV camp: Happy Feet of CMS GN 1 was organised on 4th and 5th of May at CMS Kanpur Road branch. Around 475 students from Classes 4 and 5 accompanied by 45 teachers were a part of this camp. The girls were lodged in the CISV hostel whereas the boys resided in the KAIZEN hostel.

The significant presence of our principal Mrs. Abha Anant added on to the spirit of the CISV camp. The camp began with full zeal and enthusiasm on 4th May. Children settled in their rooms at Kanpur Road Campus. The CISV flag was raised while the children cheerfully sang the CISV song holding each other's hands in full sync and harmony. After the dinner was the practice session of International dance presentations. After enjoying the running activities, lullabies were sung for them from where they left for their rooms to sleep.

The morning of 5th May saw many activities like swimming, yoga, tree plantation and collage making.

World Malaria Day
Ready to beat malaria

Every year April 25 is celebrated as world malaria day. The primary section of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I has taken a pledge today to fight against Malaria. Different activities were taken up to make everyone aware of this life-threatening disease, which is caused by mosquito bites. The children made posters showing malaria causing mosquitoes; they watched small videos and answered questions based on this disease. A discussion on its causes and cure took place.

At Gomti Nagar Campus I children got the chance to learn about the efforts made to prevent and reduce malaria around the world.

Nukkad Natak on Earth Day

Eco Club members of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I Junior section under the guidance of Sharmila Dasgupta Environment coordinator performed informative ‘Nukkad Natak' on Earth Day and distributed plant samples.