Paryavaran and Vanyajeeva Olympiad

On 15th and 16th January 292 children from class 6th to 9th participated in Paryavaran and Vanyajeeva Olympiad conducted by ICWESSAR (Indian Centre for Wildlife and Environmental studies in South Asia Region)

Airpollution Survey

On 22nd December class 9th conducted air pollution survey.

Airpollution Campaign

On 23rd December ecoclub members of class 9th the conducted air pollution campaign. Parents written suggestion how we can control air pollution

Nukkad Natak

On 5th October the members of the Eco club from senior section hosted special assembly to highlight the topic of SAFE DIWALI. All the students took a pledge to minimize use of fire cracker. Nukkad Natak was held to emphasize on ill-effects of crackers. It was followed by a talk by our Respected Principal about the child labour put into making of crackers and how we can celebrate a safe and happy Diwali.

Slogan Writing

Under Lajawaab Lucknow campaign children written slogan on the theme sanitation & cleanliness.

Cleanliness Drive

On 15th September children of primary section & senior section eco club members had done cleanliness drive under the slogan “ek kadam swatchta ki ore” outside the school premises sensitizing the community.

Van Mahotsav festival

On 7th of July, we celebrated the last day of the Van Mahotsav festival in our assembly. We decorated our classrooms with green plants. We had made several posters with the message of planting more trees we had made badges on the 'Save trees' theme and we had distributed them among all the teachers. The Eco Club Representatives gave small speeches related to environment conservation. We also gave some snake plants to respected Principal, Vice-Principal and the coordinators. The Eco Club members enthusiastically celebrated Van Mahotsav in its true spirit.

Earth day celebration

Eco Club members of senior section celebrated Earth day. They prepared a skit based on the earth day and the skit based on earth day and the theme was 'Sayno to plastic' they prepared. Slashes to show the different characters and show how the people are destroying their own home. They made batches, posters, paper bags for the dustbin and give the idea of using paper bag rather than plastic. Plastic bottles and put money plant on the bottles to spread the message of planting more and more trees it was a good experience in spreading the Social awareness among the students.