Astronomy Corner

Astro Carnival

Culminating an exciting and intriguing cosmic journey of the LABRYNTHE’S ASTRONOMY CLUB- “CELESTIAL EXPLORERS”, an ASTRO CARNIVAL was organised at CITY MONTESSORI SCHOOL, GOMTI NAGAR CAMPUS I by the young Astronomers from grade 6-9 for the parents and friends on Saturday, 16 March 2019. The Carnival was inaugurated by Mr. Roshan Gandhi Forouhi, Director of Strategy, CMS who shared his passion towards astronomy and its importance in present times, he also motivated the students to keep exploring. The carnival included a plethora of fun games and activities like Air Rocketry, Comet Making, Safe Solar Observation, Telescope Handling, Crater Making, Catch the Meteor, Fun with Air, etc. These activities not only engaged the audiences, but also induced a scientific temperament and made the parents reminisce their schooldays. A special selfie zone with props like Aliens, Astronauts, Rockets, Shuttles, etc. and tattoo stall was set-up to enhance the festive fervor. Ms. AbhaAnant, School Principal congratulated the Celestial Explorers and team Labrynthe for putting up a great show and expressed her gratitude towards the parents for being a part of it.

Hunt the Cities

In this session, students performed an activity in which they drew lat-long lines on a plastic ball and understood the phenomenon and importance of the coordinates. Students understood the imaginary grid of Latitude & Longitude on the Earth and realized that it is just not for convenience but it is necessary to have them. They then played a team game of locating various places on the globe using the Lat-Long coordinates.

Patterns Out of Stars Constellations

This 2 part session imbibes their love for observational astronomy. Students have an opportunity to understand the evolution of constellations in different cultures and what each constellation represented. They have fun listening to stories about some famous constellations. They get to know about the international organization International Astronomical Union (IAU) who has the authority for giving designations to constellations and celestial bodies. They also learn about the difference between constellations and asterism. They then enjoy creating their own imaginary constellation and weaving a fictional story around it.

Take Off

This was 2 part session, In part I, students learnt about the only space vehicle- ROCKET, it’s parts and it’s working principle. They realised that even as simple and as omnipresent thing like air can be used as a fuel to launch rockets, which fly to great heights and lengths. They learnt about the power and magic of air pressure through hands-on activities. Later they constructed their own stomp rockets. In part II, students launched their stomp rockets in a friendly competition on the concept of air pressure.