October 2017

Halloween Celebration

Vampires, Mummies, Annabelle, Mask men and lots of other characters were a treat to the eyes as the Pre Primary section of CMS-GN1 celebrated Halloween in full fervor and enthusiasm on October 31, 2017.

The children and the Parents got a chance to show their creativity in depicting the dark side as they came enthusiastically dressed up as various scary characters.

One of the rooms was decorated with all spooky stuff including the carved pumpkin i.e. “the Jack O Lantern”.The witch and the broom sticks were in plenty as they easily catch the children attention.

The music given in the background was also bone chilling and scary. A teacher did the makeup and dressed up as “Mummy”which was the showstopper for the day. Some children easily comprehended the fact that it’s a teacher while some little ones got really scared.

It was a fun filled day where children enjoyed and we witnessed a real melting pot of cultures as Halloween is a hard core Western concept.

The present times are a testimony to the fact that we indeed are world citizens and we do see an influx of many foreign ideas and concepts, this being one of them.

K.G. Quiz competition

Enhancing the general awareness and inculcating interest in the things happening around is what the Intra school G.K quiz amongst the children of Kindergarten of Pre Primary section of CMS-GN 1 attempted to do.

The quiz was organized on October 9, 2017, in the auditorium which had 3 students representing each section of Kindergarten. The quiz comprised of 5 rounds 1) Leaders of India.2) The Scientist within 3) How well do you remember your story 4) Audio round with questions from the popular cartoon series 5) The CMS Family.

The children were very well prepared as they had already been informed about this upcoming event. There was tie between 2 teams and had to broken with a tie breaker question. The parents of the participants were also present to feel proud at their children’s knowledge and acumen and take home some memories.

It was a wonderful event, graced by our Principal Mrs. Abha Anant who later gave the winning teams the medals and participants the “Certificate of Participation”.

Once again we were able to do what CMS does best- Excellence and Perfection day in and day out.

Gandhi Ji and Shastri Ji jayanti

Gandhi Ji and Shastri Ji jayanti was celebrated on 3rd oct,as 2nd oct was holiday for the children.The regular assembly had special skit on"Non violence". Remembering Bapu with spinning charkha, Dandimarch &Round table conference by K.G.children.

World Animal Day

It was celebrated on 4th oct by primary section.The main theme was"Respect animals.We have more to learn from them".