November 2017

Square-dancing Day

The Pre Primary section of CMS –GN 1 does not leave the slightest of opportunity to make the day lively and fun for the toddlers we welcome, nourish and cherish every single day. We work with this thought and idea .With this in mind we stumbled upon“Square Dancing Day” which falls on November 29th.It is originally a European idea but has taken over North America as well in the last century.

As always a special board was set up with a brilliant picture of a dancing couple. On The traditional English score the children were asked to dance on the square colourful papers .The music in itself was enough for the children to have fun and showcase their innate dancing capabilities.

Later they were told about the significance of the day and its strings that are attached to the far off lands.However given the times we live in, the far corners of the earth are just a flight away.

A fun filled simple activity made the children enjoy, which stands as our reward day in and day out.

National Milk Day

November 26th 2017 was the National Milk Day. On this day special homage was given to Mr.Verghese Kurian who changed the face of milk deficit nation of our country India to a nation that now has surplus milk production through cooperative milk industry.

On November 27, 2017 we the Pre Primary section of CMS –GN1 celebrated “National Milk Day”. It was an interesting topic in context of the children as they at home are always told about the importance of this white nutritious drink and the consequences of not drinking enough of it.

A dedicated board on the topic was put up in the lobby showing milk and its health benefits and the ancillary products which are nutritious in the same proportion as milk like yoghurt, cheese, butter milk, butter, gheeetc. The song”Doodh doodh doodh wonderful doodh was sung in the assembly which was apt for the day.

The children were educated about the importance of milk and how they should drink enough of it to have healthy bones, teeth and body.

It was a tiny but an important topic given the little children we take care of.

Cake Bake Day

Being exactly a month away from the Festival of Christmas it completely made sense to have a Cake Bake day to flex the muscles and get festive ready. November 26th also happens to be the National cake Day in United States.

The Auditorium of City Montessori School, Gomtinagar 1 was decked up with a huge thermocol cake and a dedicated board to mark the day. There were 2 participant mothers from each section of the Pre Primary class. The mothers put their best foot forward and were judged on three parameters of creativity, innovation and presentation.

They had baked the cake at home and did the icing décor in the school showcasing the best of theirtalents .Fewvery relevant social message of “save the Girl Child “ and “Melting boundaries “ also came forward.Caterpillars,Doremons and Angry birds were some other cute entrants to the competition.

The children were ecstatic to see so many cakes. They got to have a bite as the cakes were distributed among the students.

The event was judged by our Vice Principal Ma’am Yasmeen Khan with the help of Head Mistress Ma’am Saba Husain.

One again the meticulous preparation gave way to a successful event, which stands as the CMS way of work culture.

World Toilet Day

“Clean India” is a mission and a slogan whose dream was seen by Mahatma Gandhi and has been brought to the forefront and in action by our current Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi.We as citizens and as educational instituteshould shoulder the responsibility to keep up with this idea and mission of the country.Keeping this in mind the Pre Primary Section of CMS-GN1 observed World Toilet day in which we sensitized children the importance of cleanliness and why using a proper washroom is imperative to reach the goal of “Swach Bharat”.

In the special assembly the children were told about personal hygiene in the context of washroom manners. A dedicated multimedia on this topic was also shown to the children.

As always we did our best to convey an important topic in a subtle way.

International Children’s Day/ A visit to NBRI

The international Children’s day falls on November 20. This year we celebrated the day by taking few sections of the Nursery class to a field trip to the Botanical Gardens. The children were ecstatic at the natural ambience and environment they were in .The beautiful November weather just added to their fun.

Peacocks, Birds, squirrels and mongoose were some animals they got to witness in a very close proximity.

They also saw a huge Banyan tree with a Buddha Idol sitting proudly underneath. The hanging roots of the tree caught the children’s attention.

It was a beautiful, fun filled Day and we look forward to more of such trips.

Dr.Jagdish Gandhi Sir’s Birthday/Grandfather’s Day

November 10th 2017, the day unveiled in the Preprimary section of CMS-GN 1 with great enthusiasm and zest as we geared up to celebrate the Birthday of Our Founder Manager Dr.Jagdish Gandhi. He has led an exemplary life and holds great amount of love and respect among the citizens of not only the city of Lucknow but across the country and the Globe.

We are blessed and fortunate to have him as our mentor and guide and privileged to work under the leadership of Dr.Gandhi and the flagship of CMS. To commemorate his birthday we had invited the Grandfathers of the children of Preprimary who participated in an art competition .Later a cake was also cut in the presence of Principal Mrs.Abha Anant and Head Mistress Mrs. Saba Husain, with birthday song as the background music. The Grandfathers were given a book authored by Dr.Gandhi and a handmade Thank You card for their participation.

There were many Grandfathers who had entrusted us with the responsibility of teaching their children and now they have bestowed upon us the duty to shape their grandchildren’s destiny. It is indeed surreal to see the relationship across the generations and how CMS has time and again proved itself to be trustworthy and faithful institution of choice.

One Grandfather even shared a story of having attended the wedding of Dr. Gandhi and Dr. Mrs. Bharti Gandhi. He shared his extreme respect for the family and the institution led by them

For the children of Pre Primary section an Origami competition was organized where they showed their creativity with paper and wrote beautiful birthday messages for their beloved Dr.Jagdish Gandhi.

It is extremely heartening to see the bond between the people who established an institution which stands as a model in the field of education and the society who delegates us with the workto shape the children of tomorrow.

We the Pre Primary section of CMS –GN1 wish Dr.Jagdish Gandhi a very happy birthday. May you be happy and healthy always.

A bus ride for the Montessori students

As simple as it may sound, a simple bus ride for the little toddlers is not onlyentertaining but also informative as they get to see the world beyond the school premises and the classrooms. The children get a hang of many things like how to walk outside the school, following discipline and ensuring to be in the school group and cohort.

On November 7, 2017, the children of Montessori of CMS-GN1 took a bus ride and visited religious places like a church, mosque and a temple. It was a great experience for them as they got to visit these places with their school friends and their very caring teacher. Visiting the religious places might not have much sense to them in the tender age they are in but it definitely paved the way towards the CMS ideology of brotherhood andrespect for all the religions and beliefs.

During the visit they were told and pressed upon the fact that “God is one”. As an institution we never fail to perform our duties to enlighten the society with the message of tolerance and love towards each member of the society, and our visit for the day was yet again an effort in this direction.