May 2017

Balloons Festival

The pastel hues and vibrant shades of the balloons filled the preprimary section of City Montessori School, GomtiNagar 1 on the morning of May 3rd 2017 with happiness, laughter and joy.The event for the day was “Balloons Festival” and we know as adults that balloons like chocolates and candies create an aura of ecstasy and pleasure.

The children brought with them 2 inflated balloons which were like a priced possession .They was happy with what they brought and excited to see many of them flying around.A special assembly was organized where after regular prayer and pledge, songs related to balloons were sung. The children were told how these inexpensive things can bring sheer joy and why it is important to share and spread love and joy to make life a blissful journey.

The icing on the cake was the fact that the festival of balloons coincided with our Senior Principal Mrs.Manjeet Batra’s birthday and we were fortunate to have her in our premises to be a witness and a part of the celebration.

We at CMS draw great amount of inspiration from Ma’am Batra and her being able to find time to be with the children of campus 1 albeit for a short time was a blessing for the day.