March 2018

Red Day

Introducing colours in a fun way is a great approach to teach the Pre Primary children basic things. With this in mind we the Pre Primary section of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I organized Red Day on March 28th 2018.

Few Children and the staff came dressed in Red. A special board depicting red things like strawberry, lady bug, flower and a pair of socks was put up. After the regular assembly children were told about the various things in Red Colour. Red balloons added a zing to the celebration.

The story Red Riding Hood was performed on the stage highlighting the Colour Red to which the Children gave a Standing Ovation.

As always it was little information passed on to the children in the best and fine way.

International Day of Forest and Trees

Conserving and loving the ecology of the earth is the need of the hour and it must be taught to the Children as early as possible to instill in them a sense of responsibility .With this idea in mind the Pre Primary section of CMS-GN1 observed “International Day of Forest and trees” on March 21st 2018.

A dedicated board was set up and a special assembly was organized where students were told some basic things we get from forest and trees .They were also told about how the very important oxygen we breathe is actually derived from trees. Children were amazed at the information.

Songs and rhymes apt for the day like “Walking in the jungle” were sung and the various animals of the jungle were enacted to add a zing to the day.

Various class activities and take home activities were done on the said topic as well.

International Day of Water

The new session 2018-19 is already bustling with numerous new activities meticulously planned to make the little toddlers happy, comfortable and avid learners.

With this thought in our minds, today i.e. March 22, 2018, was marked as International Day of Water in the pre-primary calendar.

A special creative board and a dedicated assembly were the pillars for the day. Besides the regular topics the children were taught about the various uses of water and how and why we must mitigate its unruly depletion.

Classroom and take home activities were planned and executed by the teachers.

New Session

March 19th 2018 the sun was brighter and the air was fresher because with open arms and open hearts we the Pre Primary section of CMS-GN1 welcomed the students to the new academic session i.e. 2018-19.

The Children who were seeing the world beyond the arms of the mothers for the first time were a little cranky but our enthusiastic teachers soon won them over and their cries became their smiles.

A special assembly was organized to welcome the children to the vibrant year that stands to surprise them with all positive and beautiful ways. The basic rules of the school were introduced to the children during the assembly to instill in them a sense of discipline.

Rhymes and songs apt for the occasion reverberated in the Pre Primary Lobby. The class teacher’s gave a little craft gift to shower their love to their little munchkins.

Besides the welcome board, a little selfie corner with the tagline “My First Day at School” was a huge hit among the children and the parents and we are sure the social media would be flooded with the pictures taken very ardently.

The new session started on a very positive note and we hope to do the best with the best of intentions and the best of capacities in mentoring these little ones in the year to unfold.

Jai Jagat.

International Day of Happiness

Happiness a word that holds the world in itself .The word that holds the key to our wellbeing and to a fruitful life. The little children of the Pre Primary section are intrinsically equipped with this wealth called happiness and we just need to trigger that off to make their journey into the world of education meaningful and enjoyable. This is what we at CMS-GN1 attempted do on March 20th 2018.

A special board to depict happiness was set up and a board to let the parent’s pen down their thoughts on the word happiness during the drop off and pick up of the children was also put up in the entrance lobby.

A special assembly took place to let the children understand how being happy at all times will make things blissful.

A skit to represent happiness and rhymes to stress on happiness were an integral part of “International Day of Happiness”.

A positive day ending on cute smiles and fantastic giggles was what made us happy and contented

Keep Smiling

Jai Jagat.

Holi 2018

The time of the year where the aura of colours and the aroma of sweets fill up the environment, has come again. To celebrate this energetic and youthful festival of Holi we the Pre Primary section of CMS Gomtinagar Campus I geared up with full planning.

The lobby as always was decorated and the board with message of Holi stood tall. The special assembly was held where the songs of Holi reverberated. The children were first told the story behind the festival and later were educated about our responsibility towards the environment. Later the children played Holi with flower petals to make sure they don’t get to experience the harsh chemical colours.

With the slogan "Holi Hai” the children shared the Gujhiyas .The staff and the students wished each other with love and adoration.

It was a beautiful and colorful celebration.

Wishing all a Very Happy Holi.

Jai Jagat.