January 2017


The chilling wind with the bright sun witnessed our enthusiasm as we welcomed the Pre Primary children back in the school after a long winter break on January 13th 2017 in CMS Gomti Nagar 1. The day was all the more exciting as we were all ready to celebrate Lohri, the festival that highlights the importance of the Agrigarian society of India and also marks the change of Sun’s position from Dakshinayan to Uttarayan.

A bonfire was lit and popcorns, peanuts and gajak were distributed among the children. Few Punjabis songs were during this special assembly .The children were also educated in regards to the importance of the festival and why the weather changes after we celebrate this festival. The children took rounds of the bonfire singing and enjoying the fervor of Lohri.

The children were happy to come back to school and the celebration of Lohri served as the icing on the cake. We look forward to more exciting days in the beautiful weather we are witnessing in the city of Lucknow.