February 2017

Chat Party Potato

February 22 nd 2017, The Pre Primary section of City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar 1 organized a Chat party. The children had already been notified to bring boiled potatoes. The teachers came equipped with other necessities to make a yummy chat like Chat masala, Coriander and onions.

First the children peeled the potatoes, enjoying the work as they rarely would have got a chance to do that at home.Actvities like these enhances the gross and fine motor skills of the children.The chat party was then organized, the children as amateur chefs did a pretty good job.

They later enjoyed their creation by relishing the dish. In totality this activity taught fun, collaboration and team spirit to the students who soon are going to a new class, a new session and a new learning journey.

At CMS as always we conceptualized and organized the activity in a great way, making it student centric and a good learning experience.

Basant Panchami

The revered and decorated Goddess Sarswati, who stands as the epitome of Knowledge and Learning, is definitely not to be remembered on just 1 day of the year. But like many festivals, the Hindu calendar has dedicated 1 day i.e. Basant Panchami for the worship of Goddess Saraswati.

February 1st 2017 the Pre primary section of City Montessori Children, celebrated this very important and pertinent Festival given that we consider and strive towards making school a “Temple of Learning”. The Yellow colour was vibrant and present as most of the staff members were wearing that colour.

The Children were warmly welcomed in the Pre Primary lobby with the statue of Goddess Sarswati and the beautiful Bhajans sung by our music teachers. Children learn by seeing and they were intrigued at the idea of coming to school which was looking more like a temple. Once through with this short celebration, the children in happy and positive spirits boarded the bus to see the CMS Tableau in LDA branch, feeling proud of the legacy they are carrying forward.