August 2017

Maria Montessori Birthday Celebration

August 31st, 2017 the Pre Primary section of City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar 1 organized the birthday of the Dr.Maria Montessori. It was one an indigenous idea to commemorate the person on whose ideologies the children are taught and from where we derive our name “Montessori”.

We were extremely lucky to have amongst us Dr.Mrs.Bharti Gandhi as the guest of honour, and Principal Mrs. Abha Anant as a witness to this unique celebration.

The day unfolded with a rigorous physical exercise session followed by regular assembly by the children of Kindergarten, later there was a skit demonstrating the importance of Montessori Method. A brief introduction and a glimpse of the life and teachings of Dr.Montessori were presented as well. A multimedia highlighting the activities of the preprimary section made Ma’am Gandhi appreciate the endeavours of the teachers.

Later an extempore performance on the recently introduced Fitzroy method was also done by the Kindergarten students. A demonstration of the 10 Montessori Apparatus (Pink Tower, Brown Stairs, Spindle box, Seguin board, Geometrical solids, shapes, constructive triangles, red and blue rods, fabric box and colour tablet) was put up as well.

Finally Ma’am Gandhi took a brief round of the various classes and devoted some quality time with the tiny toddlers who are also proud CMS students.

Janmashtami celebration

Vrindavan and Mathura got rediscovered and relived on the stage of CMS Gomtinagar 1 when the Pre primary section celebrated Janmashtami on August 16th 2017 with zest and zeal. The stage was decorated with items depicting “Gokul Dham” with cows, flowers, peacocks, pots of butter and the swing which adorned Radha Krishna proudly and elegantly.

Some students of all the classes were dressed as Radha and Krishna. The beautiful lehengas of Radhas and dhoti kurta of Krishnas looked vibrant and effervescent. The décor and ambience spoke itself for the occasion as it was so beautifully and skillfully done. After regular classes the children enthusiastically moved to the auditorium where they were awestruck and spellbound looking at the stage which personified the villages of the time when Krishna lived and played his leela.

After the regular assembly, the children were shown the multimedia in praise of Lord Krishna. They were also educated about the importance and relevance of Janmashtami in words they best comprehend.

In presence of our beloved and respected Principal Ma’am Abha Anant, Arti was done, followed by Dahi handi .Later a beautiful dance number was put up by the students on a medley of songs which was treat to the eyes, music to the ears and pleasure to the heart.

Group photographs of the students with the ever loving staff was icing on the cake, making the children ecstatic with joy.
Once again it was a day which unfolded beautifully and ended brilliantly.