April 2017

Paa the Chef…

Of late the myth that women will take care of the world inside while men conquer the world outside is being challenged and broken. We the Pre- Primary section of City Montessori School Gomtinagar 1 extrapolated this further by organizing a glittering event of a culinary competition among the fathers of the students of the preprimary section in the school auditorium on April 29th 2017 with Mr.Mahendra Singh Thapa, Executive chef of the Great Indian Kitchen playing the judge for the event.

It was indeed a great and a welcome surprise to get the entrees from enthusiastic fathers who were ready to embrace the change and wear the chef caps to show off their cuisine.A whooping number of 56 contestants was judged with dishes ranging from Biryani to Dahi Bada to marble cake and 3 were given the prizes. Five contestants were given consolation prizes as their endeavour was worth the appreciation.

The judge and the Executive Chef Mr.Thapa at the end even demonstrated making a simple but delicious recipe of pasta. The event was presided over by our Respected and loved Principal Mrs.Abha Anant whose constant smile gave a message that we yet again proved and carried the legacy of CMS in the best possible way.

Special Assembly Held and Visit to the Missionaries of Charity

The diversity of our country is what makes it vibrant and happening .We as Indians strive to inculcate this in our children that we need to love and respect the different people with their different lifestyles and attitudes. This makes our society resilient and sturdy.

Ambedkar Jayanti was on April 14th 2017 .He is the father of the Indian constitution. Chandrashekhar Jayanti and Easter fell on April 17th 2017. As school was closed both these days, the children were told about this and celebrated on April 18th 2017.A special assembly was organized where the children were told about the importance and contribution of these great people and why we need to acknowledge and respect their contributions..

As an extrapolation of these relevant days, April 18th 2017 another pertinent thing was also organized this was the “Visit to the Missionaries of Charity” by the children of Kindergarten which is our adopted organization. Oranges and dettol soap were distributed among the inmates of this “Old age and Differently abled “residence.

The entire exercise is meant to teach and inculcate in children a sense of responsibility and empathy. As always it was a perfect day planned in a perfect CMS way.

Food Fun ….. Good Fun !!!

Children learnt the ins and outs of table top cooking.

On 15th April,2017 the kindergarten teachers, took the children to ‘A World of Taste and Health’. In all classes children enthusiastically got together to cook and share the freshest and healthiest food.

Children loved being involved in preparing their food, selecting the sauces or dips, marmalade and butter; mixing the vegetables , sprouted grams, fruits ; cutting different cartoon shapes in the brown bread; churning up lassi and matha ; making smilies with tomato strips, ketchups and cucumber slices; adding salt, chaat masala and pepper just the way they want.

The children proved that the table top cooking is all about Real food, Good fun with Great friends by preparing dishes like vegetable sandwiches, , yummy lassi and matha, healthy grams, aaloo chaat & bhel puri.

Children took a platter each laden with a sample of their culinary skills to the Incharge Mrs. S Chandra. Thus, the day came to an end with generation of children’s love for good food along with a desire to prepare them.

Football match

The children of Kindergarten had the best of times in the school premises when the crouching tigers went on a faceoff with the mighty dragons on the football field in the Pre Primary section of City Montessori School, Gomti nagar 1 on April 8, 2017.

The crouching tiger team was dressed in the sparkling yellow T-shirts and the mighty dragons in the fiery red. The match started at sharp 8:30 am in the esteemed presence of Senior Principal Ms.Manjeet Batra who graced the occasion as the chief guest for the event. Principal, Mrs.Abha Anant, Vice Principal Mrs.Yasmeen Khan and the Head Mistress Mrs.Trapti Dwivedi also enjoyed the sport and the sports spirit.

The children played with all their might and enthusiasm and the day ended on high octane fervor with the crouching tigers winning match with 2 for 0. The children in the audience also had a gala time with the passion rubbing with all.

The whole idea of the exercise was to inculcate sportsman spirit and adhere to the healthy habits and healthy lifestyle. As always the event was organized with great effort and proved a great hit which is a CMS legacy and is followed with heart and soul.

World Health Day (April 7th 2017)

Health is of utmost importance in leading a fulfilling life. To give this message to the children in the very early stages of life we make it a habit to preach and teach this mantra.

In this regards we the Pre Primary Section of City Montessori School, Gomtinagar 1, observed and celebrated World Health Day in our campus on April 7th 2017 with great enthusiasm. A special assembly was organized for the day where the children put up a skit on the said topic and a multimedia presentation was shown to the children.

Relevant rhymes to spread the message of healthy eating were sung by our talented music teachers. It was a crisp presentation where the message went to the children in a subtle and sure manner, which was precisely what we wanted to achieve.

World Theatre Day

The world of dramatics, stories and cartoons fascinates us all and for the children is all the more interesting as they learn various things watching them. The Preprimary section of City Montessori School, Gomtinagar 1 observed and celebrated World Theatre day on March 28th 2017.

The children were pre informed about the day and they brought popcorns with them. They were shown the movie “Stuart little” on the big screen in the auditorium. The children enjoyed the movie and the popcorn.

The company of the newfound friends, the coziness of the school and the fun of the movie brought lots of smiles and giggles, which precisely is what preprimary education is all about. Once again the day ended on a positive note, full of energy and vigour which is the CMS way of excellence.

International Day on Happiness and World Puppetry

First Day @ School 2017-2018