Junior Youth Empowerment Program adapted for it's junior youth is a beautiful initiative taken by the institution that strives to give the junior youth (students between the age group 11 and 15) a voice in today's society. The groups created hence helps to enhance their power of expression, sharpen their spiritual perception and allow them to analyse constructive and destructive forces of society

The CMS school prayer resonates through halls and assemblies in all twenty campuses where students with one accord chant in a melodious tone, “I bear witness, O my God, that Thou hast created me to know Thee and to worship Thee…” With the aim of enabling the students to understand the profound implications of knowing God and worshipping Him, CMS has over the years integrated a special curricular programme into its middle school, called “Junior Youth Empowerment Programme” (JYEP). The curriculum empowers our young minds to understand the two-fold moral purpose of transforming self and society in order to create a new race of men - individuals who think, speak and act positively and constructively. Service to the common good is the crucible in which one’s aim and motive of constructing a peaceful, united world is tested. CMS endeavours to provide that service opportunity to its students.

Through JYEP animator training programme, students of senior section learn about the great responsibility of contributing to the betterment of society. They understand that on them also rests the duty of fostering an environment in which the younger members of their school community can attain the spiritual and intellectual powers needed to become builders of a new civilization. The task is no doubt immense. To counteract the powerful social forces that threaten to sap their powers and distort their purpose, youth can rely on God’s unfailing assistance. They also have to enhance the ability to create an atmosphere of mutual support and assistance among themselves and in their communities in which their powers to transform society are multiplied.

These fledgling efforts need to multiply and develop further. It is with this vision in mind that CMS is raising a call for volunteer youth from across the world and India to come and offer a year of service to strengthen and consolidate the Junior Youth Empowerment Programme and its outreach.


Schools for studies must at the same time be training centres in behaviour and conduct, and they must favour character and conduct above the sciences and arts. Good behaviour and high moral character must come first, for unless the character be trained, acquiring knowledge will only prove injurious. Knowledge is praiseworthy when it is coupled with ethical conduct and a virtuous character; otherwise it is a deadly poison, a frightful danger. A physician of evil character, and who betrayed his trust, can bring on death, and become the source of numerous infirmities and diseases. -Holy Writings

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