Letter of Invitation

Dear Friends, Greetings,

We are pleased to inform you that our school, City Montessori Inter College, Station Road Campus is organizing the 6th International Youth Convention on Commerce and Economics from the 28 to 31 October, 2021. This year, we are conducting IYCCE online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. City Montessori School is the world's largest school as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. It is also a recipient of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education 2002 and has also been awarded the Hope of Humanity Award by the Dalai Lama in 2010.

We, at City Montessori School, aim at creating leaders who will lead by example holding the banner of progress aloft for the society at large. The IYCCE is an endeavour to provide a platform for the participants to integrate the interactive ingredients of the new progressive economy in order to enhance their competitive advantages. The intent here is to engage some of the best brains in some wracking battles of wit and intelligence along with fun. There is a global dimension to our event owing to participation by young adults from the different parts of the world. The event is also a good yardstick for the students to assess their capacities in Economics, Commerce and Accounts at an International level.

The CMS Fraternity cordially invites you and your college to be a part of this extravaganza at the 6th IYCCE, 2021. We are sending you the details of the competitions along with our website details and registration form online.

We hope you'll be as excited as we are about this event and will enthusiastically participate in this Convention. We assure you that your students shall have an enriching experience with ideas shared through healthy competitions and enlightening guest lectures. We look forward to your active participation.

With warm regards,

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Deepali Gautam

Principal - City Montessori Inter College, Station Road Campus
Convenor -International Youth Convention on Commerce and Economics (IYCCE-2021)
11, Station Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India-226001


Dr Jagdish Gandhi & Dr Bharti Gandhi

Founder-Manager & Founder-Director

We are very happy that Station Road Campus is organizing the 6th International Youth Convention on Commerce and Economics (IYCCE) with full gusto and spirit this year as in previous years. This international competition will make available to participants the latest developments in Commerce and Economics.

Prof Geeta Kingdon

President & MD

We want young economists to aspire to improve the efficiency and equity of economic systems and to promote prosperity in a sustainable way. For this, it is important that they learn to balance the desire for outstanding economic outcomes with high ethical and environmental standards. Unless growing economic..

Roshan Gandhi Forouhi
Chief Executive Officer

I am delighted to welcome you all to the 6th International Youth Convention on Commerce & Economics (IYCCE-2021). The event will provide an opportunity for students to apply their thinking skills to more practical situations, which would help them analyse ideas from various perspectives and engage in...

Ms Susmita Basu

Superior Principal & Head, Centre for School Improvement (CSI)

The development of economic literacy amongst the young students equip them with tools for understanding their economic world and to interpret events that will either directly or indirectly affect them. This understanding of economic and business issues is especially important in democracies that rely on the...

Jayant Malviya

Organizing Secretary IYCCE

To create corporate social responsibility and leadership qualities in students CMS, Station Road Campus is organizing the 6th International Youth Convention on Commerce and Economics (IYCCE-2021). Commerce and Economics have been playing a silent but pivotal role in building world economy and teach the participants ...


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General Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. All events of IYCCE will be conducted through online mode due to COVID- 19 pandemic.
  2. All the links for events will be provided through mail after the registration form is submitted.
  3. Event is in two categories: A. Senior (Classes XI & XII) Age: 16-18 yrs B. Juniors (Classes IX &X) Age: 13-15 yrs
  4. Team leader can be the Principal/ Vice-Principal/ Senior Teacher nominated by the Principal.
  5. ONLINE REGISTRATION for teams will be open from 25th September, 2021 onwards.
  6. Last day for REGISTRATION is 5th October, 2021.
  7. Team leaders and participants must read the brochure to avoid any error in names of participants before registration. The registration form will be considered valid only if it is complete in all aspects, via google forms ONLY, no email.
  8. After registration, a unique school code will be sent via e-mail which will be used for all the competitions.
  9. The participant should introduce himself/herself in the beginning, mentioning his/her name and the unique code allotted, without disclosing the name of the school.
  10. The events of “IYCCE-2021” will be conducted Online in English.
  11. All winners will be awarded E- Certificates.
  12. Certificate of Participation will be awarded to each participant.
  13. Registration for all the events will be done on the school’s official email ID ONLY.
  14. Link for Registration: https://forms.gle/avTeVTfQonzH7jvM6
  15. Kindly register as early as possible as for some events, number of participating teams is restricted.
  16. The links for uploading the video entries will be mailed on the participating school’s email ID, after the registration process is completed.
  17. Participants must ensure a strong network connection for all the live events.
  18. In case of any queries regarding IYCCE, please email us on iycce@cmseducation.org, the Organizing Secretary of the Convention.
  19. The decision of the judges will be final and binding for all.
  20. All the participants are invited to attend the prize distribution along with all the team members and the team leader.


  1. Registration Fees: NIL
  2. Registration Starts from: 25th September, 2021.
  3. Last Date for Registration: 5th October, 2021.
  4. Last Date for Submission of entries: 16th October, 2021.
  5. Result Declaration:
    • Date : 30th October, 2021
    • Time : 4:00 pm onwards
    • Link : ZOOM link (which will be shared two days prior the award ceremony)
  6. The participating school must ensure that their entries are complete in all respects.
  7. The entries must be duly forwarded by the Head of the Institution.
  8. All the entries which do not conform to the rules specified for each competition shall stand null and void.
  9. Withdrawal and non-participation from the registered event will lead to disqualification.

About the 6th IYCCE-2021

The IYCCE-21 will include competitions and talks by Guest Speakers devoted to Commerce and Economics for creating awareness among students regarding Corporate Social Responsibility.



1. Timings and details of PROGRAMME SCHEDULE will be informed through email after registration process is completed.

2. It is mandatory for the participants to attend the prize distribution along with all the team members and the team leader.



Contact Us


Station Road Campus
11, Station Road, Lucknow-226001
Uttar Pradesh, India.
Phones: +91-522-2636607
Fax No.:+91-522-2636424
Email: iycce@cmseducation.org
Website: https://www.cmseducation.org/iycce/