Vision Statement of CMS on Preservation of the Environment

CMS, as an educational institution with a difference, will strive to make a significant contribution to the protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources, through its students, teachers, other employees, alumni and parents. It will seek to involve neighbouring communities around its twenty campuses to help make the city of Lucknow green, clean and eco-friendly.

It will work through affordable, reliable and professional methods to achieve more responsible use of natural resources. By changing its over 61,000 students' mindsets in favour of sustainable living, it hopes to make a meaningful environmental impact at the state, national and international levels.

Letter of Invitation

Dear Madam/Sir,

City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow, India, extends greetings and best wishes.

The 7th International Environment Olympiad, 2023, has been enthusiastically announced by City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Extension. We would appreciate your presence and contribution at the event. The IEO serves as a forum to instill and spread the firm conviction that Nature must be preserved and protected in order for the world to be prosperous and peaceful. It honors the symbiotic relationship between people and the natural world.

We are appreciative of the previous IEO participants for giving us the chance to develop a stimulus for the expression and successful implementation of our goal to protect the environment. Similar efforts would be made by the 7th IEO to instill values, ethics, and a passion for the preservation and guardianship of nature in young minds. It is past time for us to unite as a single entity in order to repay nature's benevolent embrace upon us all as the selfless and ever patient Mother Nature.

“She will change over time, but will we?"

Let's reaffirm this conviction together at the 7th IEO from 11th December to 14th December, 2023. We reassert that we are not separate from nature and extend an invitation to all of our future friendly schools to send a team of five members from the Junior Category (Classes 6 to 8) and five members from the Senior Category (Classes 9 to 12).

We extend a special invitation to the participating school's principal, asking to attend as our Guest of Honour. Kindly send participation confirmation by 30th September and the event registration, duly signed and stamped by the School authorities by 7th October, 2023.

“In a tree there is a spirit of life, a spirit of growth and a spirit of holding up.”

Ms Manjit Batra
Mrs Sangeeta Banerjee


CMS Founders

Dr Jagdish Gandhi & Dr Bharti Gandhi

Founder-Manager & Founder-Director

It is a matter of immense pleasure that CMS Gomti Nagar extension campus is organizing the International Environment Olympiad (IEO) to educate and spread awareness among children about the deteriorating environment and to motivate them to preserve a healthy ecology for the generations yet-to-be born...

President & MD

Prof Geeta Gandhi Kingdon

President & MD

All good people and nations want to save the environment but the task seems so enormous, they wonder what to do and whether anything they may do individually will be effective.

This confusion leads to a paralysis of will to act, especially since action requires sacrifice of consumption...

Ms Susmita Ghose

Ms Susmita Ghose

Superior Principal & Head, QAID

A symphony of ecological awareness and youth empowerment continues to resound as we approach the 7th International Environment Olympiad, an event that stands as a beacon of hope in our ever-evolving world. As we heed the words of Leonardo DiCaprio, "We only get one planet," let us not overlook the gravity of our actions on the delicate balance that sustains us...



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Ms Harpreet Rekhi
Secretary IEO