Principal: Mrs Trapti Dwivedi     Classes:  Montessori to Class - XII (ISC Syllabus)    Address: Asharfabad new campus, Mansoor Nagar, Lucknow, India   
Telephones : +91 522 - 2653661, 2654840”

Principal's Desk

According to OECD, problem-solving, knowledge building, collaboration, expert engagement, self-regulation, and the application of technologies are the learning outcomes of 21st-century education. The evolvement of the education system must be systemic, consistent, and able to measure. Lecturers, teachers, administrators, and policymakers are all required to improve the teaching and learning philosophy and practice, or other aspects involved in the process of teaching and learning to ensure that the student meets the quality of life and work...

Mrs Trapti Dwivedi

Principal, CMS Asharfabad Campus

Campus History

CMS Asharfabad was established in 1985 by the school’s founders, Drs Jagdish and Bharti Gandhi and has been producing talented students who excel in all fields of life. Prof Geeta Gandhi Kingdon is the President & MD of the institution. Under the able guidance of Principal, Mrs Trapti Dwivedi, the campus is known for developing and chiselling every aspect of a student's personality. The variety of activities held at the campus create a sense of encouragement and enthusiasm among students and staff. Beside model class presentations, cultural events, meaningful assemblies and various inter class and inter house extempore, speech and debate contest give them opportunity to improve their oratory and competitive skills so that they are ever ready to participate in inter school, national and international events and competitions...

Campus Staff

Teaching faculty of CMS Asharfabad Campus with the Principal Mrs Trapti Dwivedi

Campus Student's Council

Student Council of Junior, CMS Asharfabad Campus with the Principal Mrs Trapti Dwivedi
Student Council of Primary, CMS Asharfabad Campus with the Principal Mrs Trapti Dwivedi

International Events

7th International Conference on Promoting Interfaith Dialogue in Multi-Religious Communities

Organized by: CMS Asharfabad Campus, Unity Building, Lucknow.
Aims and objectives: INTERFAITH (International Conference on Promoting Interfaith Dialogue in Multi-Religious Communities) is organized with the basic objective of promoting, encouraging and building unity and peace amongst all people irrespective of their nationality, race, colour, creed, gender or faith.

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Asharfabad Campus

Principal - Mrs Trapti Dwivedi

Address: Asharfabad new campus, Mansoor Nagar
                 Lucknow-226003, India
Campus:Unity Building
Classes: Montessori to Class - XII (ISC Syllabus)
Phones: +91 - 522 - 2653661, 2654840
Fax: +91 - 522 - 2638008, 2635497
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