CMS Vision 2025 Launch Summit held for designing Future-ready Curriculum

Lucknow, 22 June: City Montessori School, Lucknow, organized a 5-day Vision 2025 Launch Summit titled ‘Reimagining Ourselves,’ introducing a bold new vision for innovation and transformation at CMS. During these five days of the virtual conference, experts introduced sweeping changes in pedagogy, teachers’ professional development, improving assessment patterns, and incorporating global citizenship education—themes that figure significantly in the National Education Policy 2020. The conference was organized virtually under CMS President Prof Geeta Gandhi Kingdon and CMS Chief Executive Officer, Mr Roshan Gandhi.

Inaugurating the conference, Mr Roshan Gandhi said that Covid-19 has ensured that the world would no longer be the same. He made a clarion call for adopting a new pedagogy to deal with the present world's challenges. Introducing the teachers to recent trends in the booming educational technology sector, Mr Gandhi demonstrated how appropriate EdTech could save teachers' time, facilitate better pedagogy, help to improve assessment, allow self-paced adaptive learning, and enable personalized intervention by the teacher for each student's individual learning needs. He highlighted how EdTech allows pedagogical methods such as experiential learning projects, flipped lessons and synchronous discussion, which can develop global competencies and skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.

Prof Geeta Gandhi Kingdon led an inspiring session on the 'Key Role of Teachers' and presented a framework aligned with India's National Education Policy 2020 that envisages Teacher Standards by 2022. She linked the moral purpose of individual teachers with the institution-level systems, standards and tools to ensure that teachers find fulfilment and growth throughout their careers. Founder-Director of CMS Dr Bharti Gandhi said that it is essential to have teachers as part of the vision building as teachers are the catalyst of societal change. CMS Founder Manager Dr Jagdish Gandhi said that while formulating educational technology, we need to think about the children we are teaching and the world they would be entering.