An Introduction

Celebrating the power of imagination and creativity. It has rightly been said that the beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people, and CELESTA, through its series of competitions, reiterates this fact. Celesta provides the platform for students to get engaged and become more imaginative, self- aware and collaborative global citizens. We aim to stimulate the minds of children to express, expand and explore the world through music, dance, art, designing and showcasing their talents & skills on an open platform. Let us together spread the vibes of happiness & joy and bring a new order of “World Well Being”.

The cultural globalization through this event will ensure transmission of ideas, meanings and values around the world, extend and intensify social relations and promote peace and harmony amongst nations.

As we move on we hope to relive those joyous moments we have experienced in the past years of this Cultural fiesta, we cordially invite you to this rendezvous to reveal in the glory of the amalgamation of the world's diversity as the harbinger of a new United world. The cultural fusion that has resulted is breathtakingly beautiful. We welcome your participation this year.

We extend a special invitation to the Principal of the school as our “Guest of Honour”. We look forward to seeing you in August 2023.

Hence we hereby request you to kindly confirm your participation at the earliest and submit the Registration form or mail in to us at: as soon as possible.

You may also reach us on Whatsapp numbers +91-7704803582 or +91-9451176327

Looking forward to your participation.

Letter of Invitation

Dear Principals of eminent schools/colleges of the world.

Greetings and best wishes from City Montessori School, Aliganj Campus I, Lucknow.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce our institution, City Montessori School. The school, popularly known as CMS, had a humble beginning 63 years ago in 1959 with merely 5 students on its roll. It has grown to become the Guinness World Record Holder, for being the largest School by pupil with over 60,000 students on roll. The School is also the proud recipient of the 2002 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

It is our pleasure to invite your school to participate in the 14th International Cultural Competition Celesta 2023 organized by our School every alternate year with the aim of promoting cross cultural interactions among the children of the various countries of the world on a global platform with an array of competitions in the field of music, dance and art. This four day festival has earned quite a name for itself and we have been getting entries from all around the world along with all the states of India.

The need for Celesta was felt when it was realized that modernization is diminishing the traditional forms of culture and art. It would be a grievous mistake if our cultural past is lost in the humdrum of modernization since our rich cultural heritage must be preserved as our emotional symbol.

We welcome your participation in CELESTA International 2023 to witness the astonishing and amazing beauty as it unfolds itself day by day in this four-day long cultural fiesta.

We accord special welcome to the Principals of the Schools invited to be with us. Keeping in mind the deluge of entries, preference will be given to teams accompanied by the Principal of the institution. The Principal is not expected to be the team leader but would be a special “Guest of Honour” as we would deem it an honour if the Principal could accompany the teams. 

This competition is scheduled from the 16th to 19th of August 2023. It is our endeavour to focus on cultural exchange for positive and constructive purposes.

Mrs Jyoti Kashyap

Convenor, Celesta International &
Senior Principal, CMS Aliganj Campus I
Lucknow, INDIA

Mrs Shivani Singh

Co-Convenor, Celesta International &
Principal, CMS Aliganj Campus I
Lucknow, INDIA

General Guidelines

  1. The team from the participating institution should comprise a maximum of 8 participants from classes VIII to XII. The age group of the team members should be between 13 to 18 years. 
  2. The team members should be accompanied by 1 teacher in-charge and 1 teacher accompanist. The team should consist of 8 student participants and 2 teachers. We extend a special invitation to the Principal of the school, as our Guest of Honour.
  3. The total number of members in the team should not exceed 10.
  4. A modest amount of Rs. 1000/- is being charged per participant as registration fees. There are no registration charges for the Principal/Team Leader/ Teacher Accompanist.
  5. We request the team to pay the registration fees of Rs. 8000/- for 8 participants through a Demand Draft payable at Lucknow in the name of CITY MONTESSORI SCHOOL, LUCKNOW along with the registration form.
  6. Kindly confirm your participation at the earliest and latest by the 15th of June 2023 positively through e-mail. Please submit the Registration Forms, by 15th July, 2023. Thereafter no school would be accommodated. 
  7. No change in the names of participants will be entertained once the registration of the team is confirmed by the host school except under unavoidable circumstances.
  8. For the group events (i.e. Choir, Choreography, Traditional Folk Dance & Orchestra) the team should include a minimum 6 student participants, else the team would be disqualified for that particular event.
  9. The student participating in Art & Painting should not be participating in the Choir competition. Similarly the student participating in 3D Collage should not be participating in T.F.D. Competition as these events would be held simultaneously.
  10. It is not essential for a team to participate in all events. However, once registered for an event, the team is obliged to participate in that event.
  11. To qualify for the Championship Trophy, a team will have to participate in all the events.
  12. The teams should arrive in Lucknow by 15th August 2023 positively for registration.
  13. The introduction of the teams will be held on the 16th of August 2023.
  14. It is essential for the team members and leaders to be present at the venue till the prize distribution ceremony held at the end of the festival.
  15. The participants will have to bring their own gadgets for practice purposes.
  16. All musical instruments required by the participants will have to be arranged by the teams themselves.
  17. Air / Rail fares will be borne by the participants / participating institutions. Boarding, lodging and transportation will be provided free of cost.
  18. Since we have limited numbers of seats, so a “First Come First Serve” would be followed.
  19. We are responsible to accommodate you from 15th August, 2023 to 20th of August, 2023.
  20. Any plans of sightseeing and tours (apart from the local sightseeing organized by the host) can be arranged independently by the teams at their own risk. The host will not be liable for any such endeavour.
  21. Kindly send all information through mail at All the correspondence should bear the name of the school, city and state.


  1. Kindly go through the brochure thoroughly and check the spellings of the names of the participants before filling up the registration form for CELESTA International.
  2. On reaching the venue, the teams must report to the Control Room, within an hour and get themselves registered. All the documents & departure schedule has to be submitted in the control room at the time of registration.
  3. Students will wear their complete school uniform at all times during the competition. Identification badges will be presented to the participants upon arrival. These must be worn at all times.
  4. Neither the participants nor the team leader will be permitted to stay in their rooms during the events.
  5. Team leaders must assemble with their teams in the Auditorium sharp at 8:00 a.m. for the Prayer Assembly every day.
  6. Outstation team members (including teachers) must be present at the venue at all times during the entire fest.
  7. No friends or outsiders will be allowed to meet either the participants or the team leaders until the competition is over.
  8. Discipline and decorum is to be maintained at all the times. Team Leaders will be personally responsible for the conduct of the team members. Any breach of conduct may lead to disqualification of the team.
  9. The key of the room should be deposited at the Reception every day before leaving for breakfast.
  10. Meal Timings: Outstation participants are requested to abide by the following timings for the convenience of the catering staff:

    • BREAKFAST 7:00 A.M. TO 7:30 A.M.
    • LUNCH 1:30 P.M. TO 2:30 P.M.
    • DINNER 7:30 P.M. TO 8:30 P.M.

  11. Kindly mention your correct email id so that necessary details may be sent to you.
  12. Team leaders must take care of the belongings of the team members.

Note: Depending upon the number of entries received, the programme schedule is subject to change


Art & Painting

Time: 2 Hours

Topic: Climate Action (SDG-13)


  • Only one participant will be allowed.
  • The participant is supposed to bring his own material and colours.
  • Drawing Art Paper would be provided by the host school.

Judgment criteria

  1. Artistic skill demonstrated.
  2. Quality of Art work
  3. Originality
  4. Interpretation of the theme.
  5. Ideas and concepts.

3D Collage

Time: 3 Hours

Topic: Affordable and clean energy (SDG-07)


  • Only one participant will be allowed.
  • The participant is supposed to bring his own material and colours.
  • Art sheet would be provided by the host school.

Judgment criteria

  1. Visual impact
  2. Level of creativity
  3. Aesthetic display
  4. Clarity with response to theme
  5. Originality of work


Time: 6 Minutes

Topic: Gender Equality (SDG-05)


  • The team will be allowed a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 8.
  • Pre-recorded instrumental music is allowed. Lyrics based songs are not allowed. (However the use of alaap and shlokas is allowed).

Judgment Criteria

  1. Interpretation of the topic
  2. Appeal
  3. Translation of the emotional content of the music
  4. Natural expression and body language

Traditional Folk Dance

Time: 5 Minutes


  • Costumes
  • Appeal
  • Originality of the folklore
  • Synchronization
  • Presentation

Judgment criteria

  1. Commercial songs are not allowed.
  2. Pre-recorded songs & music will be allowed.
  3. The team will be allowed a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 8.


Time: 5 Minutes


  • The team will be allowed a minimum of 6 participants (excluding teachers) and a maximum of 10 (8 students + 2 teachers).
  • Commercial songs or tunes are not allowed

Judgment criteria

  1. Rhythmic interpretation
  2. Melody
  3. Appeal
  4. Originality
  5. Creativity


Time: 6 Minutes

Topic: Peace, Universal Brotherhood, Patriotism


  • The team will be allowed a minimum of 6 participants and 2 teacher accompanists and a maximum of 8 students and 2 teacher accompanists.
  • No commercial songs and Pre-recorded music will be allowed.
  • The song may be in any language.
  • The lyrics will have to be submitted in triplicate at the time of registration along with the name of the lyricist.
  • Not more than 3 accompanists are allowed who have to be a part of the 10 member team.

Judgment criteria

  1. Synchronization
  2. Melody
  3. Appeal
  4. Diction
  5. Intonation



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