October 2016

Pink Day/Visit to NBRI

The beautiful colour pink is so in synchrony with the vibrant smiles and natural ignorance of childhood. The beautiful flowers and various fruits make this colour sweet and fragrant. This colour also adds hues to the sky and makes it all the more pretty on a monsoon day.

With this idea in mind we celebrated Pink Day on October 20th 2016.The children did various class activities like making pink balloons, cotton dabbing and painting and colouring.It was a fun filled day in the Pre Primary Section of City Montessori School Gomti Nagar 1.

Eureka International 2016 organized by CMS, Anand Nagar from 16th October to 19th October

  • Touch my shadows - 1st Prize Aayonna,class 8 A and Vjay Yadav,class 8 G
  • Framed – 3rd Prize – Abheek Dhar,class 8 H and Preeti Mukherjee,class 4 B
  • Dream Merchants – 1st Prize- Saumya Shukla,Aditi Singh,Preeti Mukherjee,Proshita Agarwal and Shivie Sharma

The Inter Branch Atheletic Meet was organized by QAID

In the Primary Section
The championship trophy was won by the Primary Section

  • The championship trophy was won by the Primary Section. Arushi Pandey, class V A-50M & 100m Race-1ST prize.
  • Atullya Singh, class V F-200m-2nd Prize
  • Drishika Pandey, class V E-50m-3rd prize.
  • Adya Mishra, class V I along with the above 3 girls also won the 3rd prize in 4X100 Relay race(girls).
  • Abhi Singh, class V C-200m race-2nd prize.
  • Sajal Mishra, class V H, Raj Bhardwaj, class V E, Ishaan Tripathi, class V H, Abhi Singh, class V C won 1st Prize in 4X100 Relay race(boys).

In the Junior Section
The championship trophy was won by the Junior Section

  • Pranav,class VIII – Long Jump -3rd prize
  • Ayush Mahaseth,class VIII- 400m Race-3rd prize
  • Anupam,class VIII & Ujjwal,class VIII along with the above two boys also secured 3rd prize in 4X100 Relay race (Boys)
  • Tanisha,class VII 100m Race,400m Race,800m Race -1st Prize
  • Prakriti,class VI-200M Race-2nd prize
  • Harismita,class VI & Zahida,class VI along with the above two girls also secured 1st prize in 4X100 Relay race (Girls)
  • Akshita,class VI-Discuss throw – 2nd Prize
  • Nanki,class VI-Shotput-2nd Prize

Table Top Cooking

The culinary science is more of an art and skill which can be fine tuned with practice and experience. A holistic development of an individual also means having little knowledge and idea of this expertise. With partly this idea and partially the idea to evoke the taste buds and have some fun we the Pre Primary Section of City Montessori School Gomti Nagar 1 organized table Top Cooking on October 15th 2016. We also added a dash of spice by making it an all Fathers activity rather than a Mothers activity rebuking the idea that the kitchen is a Feminine Domain.

Model United Nations Conference

CMS Gomti Nagar (I) organised its first Model United Nations Conference (CMS-MUN 2016) from 14 to 16 October. Approximately 350 students from 19 prominent schools of Lucknow and adjoining cities articipated and deliberated on world issues during the three days of gruelling debates wherein these students represented delegates of different countries.

The Conference was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister for Vocational Education & Skills Development, U.P., Prof. Abhishek Mishra. Ms Sanjana Manaktala, Consultant, United Nations Information Centre for India & Bhutan, New Delhi was the Special Guest on the occasion.Students posing as representatives of different countries take part in the Model United Nations session.


The victory of good over evil and the triumph of truth are as contemporary as it were in the times when Ram and Ravana existed. The society is facing challenges like never before and we as the custodians of the education should cater to this call and teach and preach the children the need and necessity of these lessons and what better way for this then the festival of Dusshera.

With great enthusiasm and fervor the Pre Primary and Primary children witnessed the burning of Ravana’s effigy in the basketball court of the campus CMS GomtiNagar I on October 8th 2016.

Razmataaz, an inter school event was organized by Seth M.R. Jaipuria School on the 4th & 5th October, 2016

The following prizes were won:
  • Pre-Primary Super Duper Songs-1st Prize
  • Fancy Dress Competition- 1st & 2nd Prize
  • Weave a tale – 3rd Prize

International Senior Citizen Day October 1st

Age is a matter of grace, maturity and experience where as youth is all about energy and force and childhood outshines all with innocence and purity. This difference among all gives vibrancy and consistency to the social fabric.

We therefore should teach our children the importance and significance of senior people who are better known as grandparent’s .The children love and respect them naturally however the youngsters don’t usually share the same emotions. So before they touch the teen ages we should make them understand the responsibility they have towards the generation who holds better vision and experience.