Global Exposure

Senior Principal leaves on Educational Tour to Germany

Senior Principal of CMS Aliganj Campus I, Mrs. Jyoti Kashyap left for Germany on special invitation of the world famous Goethe Institute, Germany. There, she will attend many educational conferences and study German teaching methods with a view to learn ways of making the educational process more innovative and experimental. Mrs. Kashyap will also be visiting several professional colleges in Munich and Frankfurt and attending conferences to get in-depth knowledge of their education policies and she will be highlighting the CMS method of teaching during her visit.

A Delegate from Aliganj Campus I goes to Indonesia!

A delegate from Aliganj Campus I went to Tangrang city, Indonesia to participate in the International Maths & Science Olympiad, 2016 from 9th -13th November, 2016.

Our team won many accolades amongst the other 23 countries that participated in this event.

Thailand Trip, Aliganj Campus I

Thailand --the land of smiles as I would say. It was a great learning experience to visit Chiang Mai located in the northern part of Thailand to participate in Thailand International Mathematics Olympiad 2016 (TMIC 2016). The programme kicked off with an inaugral ceremony at the International convention and exhibition center at Chiang Mai which comprised a parade by all 29 participating countries and some traditional Thai dances.

Team from CMS Aliganj Campus I attended International Convention Student Quality Control Circle, 2016 (ICSQCC) Held In Mauritius, From 19th - 23rd July, 2016

Aliganj Campus I students under the leadership of Mrs Seema Hitkari & Mrs Beena Tyagi went to Mauritius to attend the INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION STUDENT QUALITY CONTROL CIRCLE, 2016 (ICSQCC) organized by the Mauritian society of Quality control from 19th - 23rd july, 2016.

They have brought back many special prizes in the following events:

  1. Public speaking
  2. Debate
  3. Poster & slogan writing
  4. Case study (under the guidance of Ms.Suneeta Pandey)
  5. Cultural event-Dance(prepared by Mrs.Anupama Mishra).

CMS Aliganj Campus I Delegation To Nasa

NASA ! The very name strikes a bell. It is the world famous US Space Agency that sends missions to the moon and explores the realms beyond our Mother Earth, the neverending space! This year, three CMS delegations visited the famous US Space Agency, NASA. While two delegations were the age-group of 11 to 12 years to teach them the lessons of world unity, peace, friendship and world brotherhood and to inculcate in their impressionable minds the spirit of belonging to the earth as one family despite the differences in race, colour, creed, language and culture. During this educational trip, the students experienced the excitement of space exploration at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida besides learning fascinating facts about NASA's space programme.

China International Mathematics Competition (CIMC) 2015, Changchun, China form 27 July to 01 August

Mrs Anju Mishra, Leader,
Mrs Chandana Dey, Dy Leader, Adamya
Shaurya, Devansh Pratap Singh, Shruti
Mishra,Shikhar Dixit.