World Food Day

On 16th of October, 2019, the Pre-Primary section of CMS Aliganj Campus I celebrated World Food Day which is a day dedicated to tackling global hunger. Students and teachers had come together todeclare their commitment to eradicate hunger on their part by taking a pledgeand spreading awareness to reduce food wastage. Along with this, few activities like "tug of war between healthy food and junk food", "preparation of healthy sandwiches", a "fruit a day keeps deficiencies away",  etc were taken by different sections.  Respect was shownto farmers by showing small videos to students on how hard it is to grow things we eat.  They imbibed a beautiful virtue that,  "food is aprecious jewel, a single grain counts when you are hungry. Thanks to those farmers who grow food for you,  think of those needy eyes; people who drink water and sleep.  Do not waste but share if you have in excess! Every grain that goes to dustbin causes an ache in the farmer's heart and brings tears in eyes of the hungry. 


On the occasion of the importance of wildlife, 28 students participated in the drawing and face painting competition held at Kukrail Reserve Forest between 1st October to 7th October 2019. Sakshi Saxena and Ruchika Srivastava of class 8th D bagged the first and second prize respectively in the drawing competition and Anushree and her partner Aruja Tripathi of class 8H bagged thethird prize in face painting competition under the able guidance of Mr Kailash Keswani, the Environment Coordinator.

Diwali Celebrations

Aliganj Campus I celebrated Diwali with muchenthusiasm! There was Rangoli making competition, Soft board decoration & Fancy dress competition. Class 11th & 9th, first 3 position holders were felicitated during assembly. Our senior Principal, Mrs Jyoti Kashyap addressedthe gathering and inspired them with her motivational quotes! 

Halloween festival

On 31.10.2019, Halloween festival was celebrated in the Pre-Primary section of Aliganj Capmus I. Students had comedressed up in various characters like vampires, wizards, witches, batman, Godzilla, etc. Short movies on Halloween were shown to the learners. The basicmotive of this celebration was to make the children understand that evil andgood both live within us. It is our ability and deeds which diminish the eviland boost up goodness. The toddlers made a promise that no matter what they doand where they go, they will keep their virtues intact and will ward off evil!

Old Age Home visit

Old age is also called the second childhood, and is the time when one needs love and care of the dear ones. On 13.09.2019  the  students  of Pre-Primary section of Aliganj Campus I visited an old age home 'Samarpan' to bestow their love to these old ones. The inmates were very hospitable and friendly, and they welcomed students and teachers with their beautiful smiles. To break the monotony of their lives, students presented few songs like "dadi amma  maan jao", Dada ji and few children also presented dance on same songs. The children also made them sing and dance along with them. The children then presented the residents, whom they addressed as dada and dadi, with greetings, biscuits, flowers, etc. They also played games like puzzles,  riddles, guess the movie,  write with your left hand,  play with dough, etc. Though students spent only a few hours with them, they made them realize the value of grandparents and the need to take care of them. The children's love for grandparents has grown stronger and deeper throughthis trip. 

Teachers' Day Celebrations

Teachers' day celebrations at Aliganj Campus I were witnessed by the staff & students of the campus. The august assemblage was addressed by Sr. Principal, Mrs Jyoti Kashyap and Principal, Mrs Shivani Singh. Children sang medley of hit songs from old Bollywood movies. Games like Lemon race, musical chairs, quiz etc were played with much enthusiasm! Gifts, cheques, certificates & cards were distributed to all the teachers followed by a sumptuous lunch!

Clay Dough Modelling

Aliganj Campus I branch, Pre-Primary section organized the clay modelling competition to enhance and encourage the students' creativity. The theme was scenery. Students madebeautiful models depicting garden scenery. Winners received prize from Principal ma'am. They enjoyed playing with clay dough.

Investiture Ceremony

The investiture ceremony was conducted inthe Junior section on 2nd September 2019. Aymaan Khan of class VIII  I and Amya Yadav of class VIII B have been appointed as the deputyHead boy and Deputy Head girl respectively.

Ganesha chaturthi festival celebrated

On 02.09.2019, in the  Pre Primary section of Aliganj Campus I, Ganesha chaturthi festival celebrations took place with great pomp and gaiety. On this auspicious day all children came to school in colourful dresses along with many dressed like Lord Ganesha. Prayers were offered to Lord Ganesha by  Principal ma'am followed by teachers and students. Children danced and sang songs depicting importance of Lord Ganesha. "Prasad" was offered to each and every member of the branch. Stories related to Lord Ganesha were told to students."Intelligence, presence of mind, obedience towards parents "are some of the qualities we can learn from Lord Ganesha." with this message, the celebrations came to an end.

Independence day

On 16.08.2019, the Pre-Primary section of Aliganj Campus I celebrated Independence day and Rakhshabandhan, making promises that every small step will be taken up in building a new and powerful nation by imbibing in these little angels, virtues like fraternity and goodwill towards nation. It was through the presentation of March Past, the power of discipline and teamwork was shown by students. Dance presented by KG students depicted how our nation is marching towards new freedom struggle from poverty and illiteracy and finally a dance presented by nursery students on Rakshabandhan spread the message of love among students. This was followed by fancy dress competition among montessori students. Blessings and message of equality and respect for nation was given by Principal ma'am in her address. The day ended by evoking enthusiasm and love for India in everyone's heart.

Celebration of Eid al-Adha (Pre-primary)

Eid al-Adha is also known as the festival of sacrifice which is celebrated all around the world to show love and obedience towards Allah. CMS Aliganj Campus I Pre-Primary section celebrated Eid al-Adha to spread the message of brotherhood. Children came in traditional Muslim attire and wishes along with sewaiyan and hugs were exchanged. Teachers have taken special card-making activity in which a moon and stars are drawn on cards and are exchanged with their friends. Through this celebration students have learned the importance of fraternity.

Celebration of Friendship Day (Pre-primary)

Hellen Keller once said, "I would rather walk with a friend in dark, than walk alone in the light." To make her words more meaningful in the contemporary world on 03.08.2019, Saturday, the Pre-Primary section of CMS Aliganj Campus I celebrated friendship day in which students exchanged friendship bands, flowers, cards, toffees and thread with each other to celebrate their bond of togetherness. Toffees were distributed by teachers to their little ones as well. Along with this they were told the importance of true friendship through a story -"The Ant and The Dove". The message that "a friend in need is a friend indeed" was conveyed well. The day ended with happy faces!

Orientation program (Pre-primary)

On 17.08.2019, Saturday, Pre-Primary section of Aliganj Campus I organized the Orientation Program for Parents and students. The main objective of this event is to connect parents more with school. It is organized in three slots for different sections followed by Parent-Teacher meeting. In this event a general introduction of different activities taken in school, ground rules, subjects, E.P.L, letter formation, syllabus, etc is taken up by teachers. Parent-school App is introduced to them by technical staff and it is being installed in their cell phones. Along with this, Parents are introduced to the counsellor in case they need any advice related to parenting or their kids. Session was closed by Principal ma'am's address followed by parent-teacher meeting in respective classes