Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership (CIC-EdL) - Certificate of Registration

City Montessori School is proud to announce its recent certification as a Cambridge Professional Development Centre.

Given this prestigious accreditation, CMS is incredibly excited to be launching the “Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership (CIC-EdL)” professional development qualification in 2023. This course is a true opportunity to improve the quality of learning and teaching at our school, and develop effective and reflective leadership practices.

Please find below some information regarding the CIC-EdL Course. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact either
Sushama Rajkumar ( or
Dawn Taylor (

* Please note that applicants for Cohort 1 of the CIC-EdL Course will be limited to CMS Principals.*

What is the Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership (CIC-EdL)?

The Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership is assessed and certified by the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (henceforth Cambridge). This course is designed to help school leaders:

  • improve the quality of learning and teaching and the development of their schools.

  • develop critical engagement with key leadership theories, concepts and challenges.

  • focus on effective and reflective leadership practices.

Taking this certificate and diploma will help participants to:

  • increase their knowledge and understanding of successful leadership.

  • develop their leadership skills.

  • enhance their performance as an educational leader.

Who is the CIC-EdL qualification for?

The CIC-EdL professional development qualification is suitable for campus leaders seeking to develop their own leadership skills in order to help the holistic development of their campuses.

Who will design and teach the CIC-EdL Programme?

Sushama Rajkumar, Programme Leader

Sushama Rajkumar has been trained and accredited as the programme leader of our school’s CIC-EdL qualification program. As programme leader, Ms. Rajkumar will coordinate the people involved in the programme, such as trainers and mentors, facilities, training materials and equipment. She will develop appropriate learning resources collaboratively to ensure that candidates engage with concepts and principles to meet the assessment criteria, while supportively monitoring candidates’ progress throughout the programme.

Dawn Taylor, Programme Instructor

Dawn Taylor, the CMS Head of School Improvement, will act as the lead programme instructor for the first cohort of CIC-EdL participants. Ms. Taylor will assist leaders in applying the learned theory to their local contexts. She will ensure that participants have the opportunity to learn from other leaders both in and outside of the CMS community, and create an individualised development plan for their campus.

As part of this programme, there will be the opportunity from a range of distinguished guest lecturers to support, contextualise and enrich the learning process.

CIC-EdL: Course Structure

The CIC-EdL qualification course will take place between the months of February to May 2023, over a period of 4 months. It will consist of the following guided units:

Unit 1: Understanding key concepts and theories of leadership

Unit 2: Defining successful educational leadership practice

Unit 3: Action planning for developing leadership

Other course information includes the following:

Learning hours in preparation: 150

Assessment Portfolio: evidence of practice, learning and reflection

Evidence Length: 3600 words with work-based records

What does the CIC-EdL qualification Involve?

A typical Certificate or Diploma programme run by a Cambridge Professional Development Centre consists of a broad balance of activities, appropriate to the needs and circumstances of participants and their schools. Accordingly, Dawn Taylor, the Programme Instructor for Cohort 1; and Sushama Rajkumar, the Programme Leader, have prepared for the following CMS-specific CIC-EdL activities.

  • Guided learning, e.g. face-to-face facilitation and accessing online content and support.

  • Opportunity for mentorship for all participants: each participant will have a dedicated one-to-one mentor for the duration of the programme.

  • Individual study and collaborative learning: e.g. reading, research and discussion.

  • Work-based learning supported by the school, e.g. applying new ideas and approaches in practice, or gaining feedback from mentors and colleagues.

  • Guidance and support in creating a portfolio of evidence.

  • Certificate of pass or distinction issued by Cambridge.

How will the CIC-EdL qualification be assessed?

Candidates are centrally assessed through a portfolio of evidence collected across the duration of the course by the programme leader. In this portfolio, candidates will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding in the context of their own campus. Pass and Distinction grades are issued by Cambridge on successful completion of the course.

Further Reading

Please review the CIC-Edl Course Specifications for more information about CIC-EdL.

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in participating in this course, please fill out the following Expression of Interest form, and we will get back to you within a few working days. Before expressing your interest, please read the course specifications and ensure that this course would be beneficial to you and suit your schedules, as it will require a time commitment of roughly 7-8 hours per week.

* Please note that applicants for Cohort 1 of the CIC-EdL Course will be limited to CMS Principals.*

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Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact either
Sushama Rajkumar ( or
Dawn Taylor (