Unlike ancient times… today the whole world is interdependent. (Today) whole word has become a part of 'we'… and there is no demarcation between 'we' and they, whole world is part of 'we'.
….. I think through violence you cannot solve problems. Even at family level, through violent ways, you cannot solve problems. Only thing is human approach. Individual's future depends on the community. Now, the proper way to promote these compassion or sense of community or sense of sort of concern for others' well- being.

India has really, really set up a good example. The international meeting of Chief Justices is wonderful. I hope your meeting will be very very constructive. And this spirit should carry, should spread all over the world. That's one way, one step.
—His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, The Dalai Lama
Buddhist Spiritual Leader and Nobel Laureate
Chief Guest at the 11th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World
Organised by CMS at Lucknow, India
Speech dated 11th December, 2010
"We are all human beings born on this earth and we have to live together in peace and harmony. I feel very glad that Mr Jagdish Gandhi has taken up the challenge and has striven all these years to bring world peace, world order and world harmony through an international order which today seems to be a distant dream, but Mr Gandhi is a visionary, he is a dreamer and I am sure that with the support of all the right thinking men of the world, his dream will come true. One day, I am sure that all mankind will come together.
  Message dated 28th November 2005
"Let me tell my brother Judges, the hands of a great judge are not tied. Throughout my career, I have never felt once that my hands were tied. You can always find ways and means, if you are creative, if you are imaginative and if you have the public interest at heart.
Not one right alone is sufficient; you have to enforce the entire arena of human rights, if you want to build a great society, a really human society, a society where there is no strife, no violence, a society where everyone cares for others and that is the vision of Mr Gandhi and I am sure that we should all strive our utmost to see that this vision is fulfilled. It is a duty of every one of us not only Mr Gandhi. Yes, he has taken the lead and shown us the way. He has dedicated his whole life to this cause and we must support him wherever and whenever we can. I am sure that one day, if we all dedicate ourselves to this cause, one day we shall be able to build not only a strong India but also a happy, united world where common humanity will be able to lead a happy contented life and enjoy his full human rights."
—Hon'ble Mr Justice P. N. Bhagwati
Former Chief Justice of India
Chairman, United Nations Human Rights Committee (Geneva)
Patron-in-Chief of the International Conferences of Chief Justices of the World
Speech dated December, 2005 delivered at the 6th International Conference
of Chief Justices of the World
An appeal "to jurists of the world" on behalf "of the children of the world" gave Dixon reason to hope, however. The City Montessori School of Lucknow, India, first called on the United Nations to establish a "New World Order" with enforceable international laws. Disappointed by the secretary general's response, school founder Jagdish Gandhi reached out to the Millenium Summit of world leaders — and was again disappointed. Finally, he appealed to the "world judiciary."

"I asked myself — how could judges affect things?" Dixon said. "How could these children believe that simple human beings, ... who only have a simple responsibility ... could have an impact?"
This week, the Panamanian chief justice said violence is not the only threat against people's lives: Global warming is also a very real threat to humanity.

Violations of environmental law are "one of the main reasons for the global warming," she later explained.

"There is an expectation of judges ... we will be able to see farther, and we will be able to lead the way for a fair, just and peaceful world. ... A better world for our children, our children's children, our great-grandchildren and children yet to be born."
—Hon'ble Madam Justice Graciela Dixon
President of International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ)
the then Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Panama and
Patron of the International Conferences of Chief Justices of the World
Views expressed in Brooklyn Daily Eagle at New York, USA
dated 19th May 2007