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City Montessori School popularly known as CMS was founded by us in 1959, with five children on borrowed capital of Rs.300/-to impart value and virtue-based education to children. We believe in Mahatma Gandhi's teachings of non violence, co-existence and the need to promote social transformation through education.

Over the years of dedication, sincerity and hard work of the Principals and teachers, the school developed and grew slowly but steadily to become world's largest school in a single city with over  52,000 students on roll (recognized by Guinness Book of World Records).


Our main interest had been to safeguard the future of 2 billion children of the world and generations yet-to-be-born, by imparting peace education to children. We believe that children are a common denominator in the world. The world belongs to them; and it is our bounden duty and obligation to preserve this world for the sake of children and future generations.

CMS has the unique distinction of being the first school in the world to be conferred with 2002 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. It has been awarded Nuclear – Free Future Special Achievement Award 2004 and also Rights of the Child Award- 2004 and Innovation Award 2005.

Jagdish Gandhi has been honoured with the Key to the City of George Town, Kentucky, USA, by its Mayor Mr Everett Varney in recognition of his contribution in promoting Quality Control Circle Concept in Education.

Ever since its establishment nearly fifty years ago, CMS has been striving to establish Divine Civilization on Earth by integrating Education, Religion and Culture.

The CMS emphasis on Divine education makes children spiritually aware and intellectually competent. The emphasis on Religion of humanity makes them God-fearing and capable of differentiating between good and bad, right and wrong while the emphasis on Unity makes them self disciplined, law-abiding and socially responsible.

This is achieved by providing the children an intellectually stimulating educational environment that aims to sharpen their analytical skills, cultivate their problem-solving, abilities, develop their creativity and enhance their retentive power.

At CMS, particular care is taken to teach children to respect all religions by educating them that the basic teachings of all religions are the same. A unique feature of CMS is to organize All Religion Prayers and World Peace Prayer before the commencement of all important school events.

CMS believes that World Unity and World Peace are the prime concerns of the 21st Century. Talk of Unity is common concern for children and a binding thread between children, parents and God.

All International events are organized by CMS to promote World Unity, World Peace and Universal Brotherhood.

Dr Jagdish Gandhi
Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi