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Today, the humanity is in need of world government with one currency, one law and one parliament. World Unity and World Peace can not be achieved without these fundamental necessities.

Realising the urgent necessity of political unity of the world, Indira Nagar has decided to organize CONFLUENCE, World Unity and World Peace Festival on the principles of the United Nations and the World Peace Prayer Society.

The proposed event will have agenda of the United Nations for peace keeping, conflict prevention and humanitarian programme for welfare of the people of the whole world.

Keeping in view the main work of the United Nations, the World Peace Festival strives to promote peace and friendship throughout the world and encourage respect for each other’s rights and freedom.

The World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS) was founded by well known Japanese thinker Masahisa Goi, after the devastation of the second world war. Masahisa Goi believed that all persons should include the words of the peace prayer - ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ – in their daily prayers.

The WPPS promotes World Peace Prayer Ceremony in every nation. The CMS philosophy of world unity and world peace is similar to that of the World Peace Prayer Society Our aim is to see that children of the world should develop an understanding in the spirit of universal love and brotherhood of mankind.

Letter of Invitation

Confluence, the festival of Peace and Unity of the world beckons you once again. Organized by the largest school of the world in a small city, the festival offers a platform to the students of the world to come and understand diverse cultures and promote intellectual understanding. In order to practice tolerance and live together in peace we first have to appreciate each others’ way of life and socio cultural identity.

I invite you all to participate in this Confluence of modern and traditional ways of harmony among nations where on one hand the students will participate in AD.. Venture and on the other interact with diverse cultural expressions in Rhythmic Taal; will debate the issues concerning nationalism and collaborate in the event Confluence; will look for scientific explanation of day to day phenomena and also express themselves artistically. The festival invites talents of diverse fields to form a team, to compete together with other teams and also provides opportunity to work with other teams .Thus presenting situations of understanding differences.

Confluence 2017 is going to be organized from 24th to 27th November, 2017. A team of ten talented students of diverse fields will compete with the others and at the same time collaborate with them in some events and thus learn very important lessons of life. Hands on experience of understanding differences will leave a lasting impression on the young minds and equip them to handle real life situations in a peaceful way. This small event of four days is going to go a long way in providing inter-connectivity and interactivity within today’s global information village. Exposure to diverse cultures will foster a more mature and lasting acceptance of differences.

I exhort each one of you once again to be a part of this mega event to live life with differences.

Mrs Ruchi Bhuwan Joshi
Convenor & Principal
City Montessori School
Indira Nagar Campus, Lucknow


Dr Jagdish Gandhi & Dr Bharti Gandhi

Founder-Manager & Founder-Director

We are happy that Indira Nagar Campus is organizing the 4th Confluence International-2017 from 24 to 27 November 2017 for World Peace. It is a very well thought out event. The event seeks to convey to the whole world that all philosophies, thoughts and streams of ideas ultimately merge into the grand Divine Source from which they originated. In the same way all kinds of knowledge...

Prof Geeta Kingdon

President & Chief Operating Officer

I welcome you all to Confluence 2017- the 16th World Unity and World Peace Festival hosted by CMS. The world is in turmoil, with violence, mistrust, fear and stress a part of everyone's life. This state of mind is directly reflected in ourangst-ridden surroundings. Mahatma Gandhi said: 'If we want real peace in the world, we shall have to start with the children' and we at CMS share this idea.

Ms Susmita Basu

Head, Quality Assurance and Innovations Department

Unity and peace are the two fundamental requisites for the co-existence of humanity. Being educators as well as mentors of the future generations, the responsibility falls upon us to keep building bridges to bring the world closer. We can pave new roads towards peace simply by understanding other cultures...


For participation in various Competitive and Non – Competitive events, each team should comprise 5 students from the Junior Section and 5 students from the Senior Section, accompanied by a teacher in- charge.

The three categories for participation are –
1. Juniors- Students from classes VI, VII,VIII, IX
2. Seniors- Students from classes X, XI, XII
3. School Category
4. Team Category

We extend our invitation to the Principals to grace the event. They will be our Guests of Honour and their presence will motivate the students.

A modest amount of Rs. 1000/- is going to be charged per participant as registration fee from outstation teams. There are no registration charges for the team leaders.

The registration fee is to be paid through Demand Draft (DD) drawn in favour of “CITY MONTESSORI SCHOOL, LUCKNOW" payable at Lucknow.

Registration form, complete in all respects, should reach us by 30th September, 2017.

Kindly ensure that the participants do not register for two events being held simultaneously.

Experts from respective fields will be invited as judges. There decision will be final and binding on all.

Please ensure that entries are complete in all respects and correct postal address, e-mail id and telephone numbers are provided.

It will not be possible to make any changes in the entries once the registration form is submitted.

We will be happy to extend hospitality to all outstation teams which will include board and lodging at the World Unity Convention Centre (WUCC), CMS, Kanpur Road, Lucknow and transport to and from Airport or Railway Station, Lucknow.

Outstation participants are requested to send their travel details by 30th October, 2017 so that required arrangements can be made.

All outstation teams must attend the press conference and photo session on 24th November, 2017 at 1.30 pm and therefore, must schedule their travel plans accordingly.

All teams will be required to register themselves in the Control Room on their arrival.

It is imperative that all the teams attend the Inaugural Ceremony on 24th November, 2017 and Prize Distribution ceremony on 27th November, 2017.

Teams are requested to bring their school flags for the Inaugural Ceremony.

Team leaders must ensure that all team members are in their complete school uniforms during the event. Identification badges, provided at the time of registration, are to be worn throughout the event.

Team Leaders must assemble with their teams’ everyday in the auditorium at 8:15 am sharp for the prayer assembly.

It will be the responsibility of the Team Leaders to ensure that discipline and decorum is maintained by their teams at all times.

The entire team must be present in the auditorium / venue at all times.

Participants are advised to take care of their valuables.

The teams will neither be allowed to call visitors at the venue nor go out to meet them.

The teams must carry their own articles and props, wherever required.

Foreign participants are requested to immediately contact the Convener upon their arrival in India.

Further query, if any, regarding Confluence is welcome on Telephone No. 0091 - 522 - 2351887 or at Email: confluence@cmseducation.org or indiranagar@cmseducation.org


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Mrs Ruchi Bhuwan Joshi

Convener - Confluence 2017
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