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Rules and Regulations

  • The participating schools are permitted to bring maximum Five Participants from the Senior Category (Classes: XI and XII/ Age: 16 - 18 years) and Five Participants from the Junior Category (Classes: VIII, IX and X/13 - 16 years). A total of ten participants from each team.

  • Each team will be accompanied by a Team Leader. The accompanying team leader should be a senior section English teacher. The Principal accompanying the team will be the Guest of Honour.

  • The participating team leader is requested to select a Topic related to his/her area of expertise in English Language/ Literature and send it to us through the Confirmation Form. The team leaders will be allotted a time slot to speak in the Open Mike Session accordingly. Please refer to the Open Mike Section for further guidelines.

  • Each team will be provided with a Team Buddy during the Registration in order to facilitate effective participation.

  • An Orientation Programme for the participating teams will be held everyday at 9:00 a.m. after the assembly in the World Unity Convention Centre (WUCC) CMS Kanpur Road Auditorium. It is mandatory for all the participating teams to attend the same.

  • Meeting for the Team Leaders will be held at the end of everyday after dinner at the venue specified at the control desk.

  • Though recommended, it is not essential for a team to participate in all the events. However, once registered for an event, the team is obliged to participate in that event.

  • The multimedia for any event should be in the prescribed format. The organisers will not be able to provide the facility to change the format of the required presentation.

  • The number of teams that the organizers can accommodate is limited. Therefore the interested schools must mail us the confirmation at the earliest failing which it may not be feasible for the organizers to entertain more entries.
    Registration for all local teams will be done on 27th August, 2018 at 9:00 am and for National & International Teams registration will be done at the time of their arrival.


  • Registration for all local teams will be done on 27th August, 2018 at 9:00 am. All national and International teams should reach Lucknow and report at the Control Desk, CMS WUCC Kanpur Road latest by 12.00 Noon on 27th of August, 2018 for the event Ensemble de Renaissance(Refer to the activity in the Events Section).

  • Team leaders and participants must check for any error/ change in the names of participants before registration at the registration counter and submit the duly verified list.

  • All event notices will be displayed outside the Control Room and the Reception area of the residential facility. Team leaders are requested to update their teams accordingly.

  • Certificate of participation will be awarded to each participant. First, Second and Third position holders will be awarded 10, 8 and 6 points respectively and the First, Second and Third Consolation Prizes will be awarded 5, 3 and 2 points respectively. These points will be added to the total tally of their respective teams.

  • The Championship Trophy will be awarded to the team that earns the maximum points and The Runners up trophy will be given to the next best.

  • Special prizes will be given to the most versatile participants and best actors from both Junior as well as Senior Sections.

  • The teams are requested to carry their school banner (4ft by 2ft), school flag (3ft by 2 ft), soft copy of the school prayer, school song (if any) and national song (for international teams) in mp3 format along with them. They should also carry a brief school presentation having the Logo, Principal's photo and a few slides (maximum 10) containing the school information that they would like to share. This must be given at the control desk during the registration.

  • Kindly adhere to all the timings given in the schedule of events. The team should be strictly disciplined throughout their stay in Lucknow.

  • Medical facilities and a communication centre (for telephone, fax and e-mail facilities) are available at the venue on payment.

  • Meals will be served at the timings given below:
    Breakfast : 7:00 am to 7:45 am
    Lunch : 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
    Dinner : 8:00 pm

  • All the participants are requested to follow the timings.

  • Each participating team is required to confirm their participation by mail through the prescribed format enclosed as the Annexure A latest by 1st May-2018.

  • The participating team must send their Registration form (Annexure B) by post along with the travel details form (Annexure C) to the under mentioned address latest by 30th July-2018.

  • Each participating team must send their entry for the event by Post-CINEMATICS in a CD along with the attachment given in the Registration Form latest by 15th of July 2018. No CD will be accepted at the time of registration.

  • Important note : For the events, La Mascarade and Spectacle de danse we will be able to accommodate the first 40 entries only.

  • In the event of an unavoidable clash between the competitions, the teams are requested to co-ordinate with the team buddies and inform at the control desk on the day of the event, so that a maximum possible participation can be ensured in all the events.