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    Dress Code

  • Full uniform of the respective school should be worn by the participants from 8:00 AM till the end of the competitions for the day except for the time when they have to change for the events that need costumes.

  • Identification badges will be presented to the participants on their arrival which must be worn by the participants at all times from 27th August till 31st August, 2018.

  • Team leaders must assemble with their teams and team buddies in the auditorium at 08:00 AM sharp for the Prayer Assembly everyday. They are requested to sign at the entrance to ensure their presence. Delay or absence during the assembly will lead to disqualification of the latecomers for the subsequent events of that day.
  • Accommodation

  • Only students of the participating teams and their team leaders shall be accommodated. Infants or younger children will not be accommodated.

  • The visiting teams (outstation) along with their team leaders must be present at the venue at all times from 27th August till 31st August, 2018. No one will be allowed to leave the venue without informing the Convenor.

  • Discipline

  • Proper discipline and decorum is to be maintained by the participants during their stay.

  • No relatives or friends will be allowed to meet any participant till the conclusion of all the events of ODYSSEY 2018.

  • The team leader will be personally responsible for the conduct of the team members.

  • The teams are requested to co-operate with their team buddies in maintaining punctuality and discipline.

  • Any participant found venturing out of the residential premises after the events for the day are over will be considered as Breach of Zone and will immediately be asked to withdraw from the events.

  • Any breach of discipline may lead to the disqualification of the team and the organizers may be compelled to request the team to withdraw from the subsequent events.

  • Responsibility

  • Participants are advised to take adequate measures for the safety of their belongings.

  • The organizers will not entertain any complaint in this regard.

  • Printing and typing facilities will not be provided at the venue.

  • All the team leaders are required to attend the briefing which will be held after the proceedings of the day are over for the dissemination of important information for the next day. (Please refer to the schedule).

  • SPECIAL AWARDS will be given to the Team Leaders for the following categories.

  • Punctuality

  • Discipline

  • Cleanliness and Maintenance of Rooms

  • Co-ordination and Communicative skills

  • Maximum Participation
  • Validity of Entry

  • The participating schools must ensure that their entries are complete in all respects.

  • The entries must be duly forwarded by the head of the institution.

  • Kindly adhere to the deadlines stipulated in the brochure.

  • The entries which do not conform to the rules specified for each competition will stand disqualified.

    ** A team has to participate in the events(s) in which it is registered. Withdrawal and non participation from the registered event will lead to disqualification.

    Judgement of the Events

    The sanctity of the final events will be monitored by Specially invited Judges who will be experts in their respective fields and will not be related to City Montessori School, Lucknow.