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  October, 2004

CMS Decade of Meaningful Education (2001-2010)

Cyber Edition

CMS students hail the champions of world unity - Kofi, Kalam and Kerry...
Sports And World Unity
CMS students hail ideas of Kofi, Kalam and Kerry
CMS students raised their collective voice in support of the idea of world unity taken up by the US presidential candidate John Kerry. Quoting Kerry's idea of world unity and world peace they hailed his statement, "The USA today needs a President who will not walk away from the world, but instead lead the nations of the world into a new era of security, freedom and peace for all". Further, quoting him, they compared the thinking of the two contenders, "Bush (approach) has disunited the world instead of uniting it". The obvious reference was to the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan which had been the major cause for animosity between the Arab world and USA and its allies. They also quoted Dr. Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General, who had recently said in an interview with BBC, London, "US decision to invade Iraq in March 2003 was illegal and not in conformity with the UN Charter. I hope we do not see another Iraq type operation." It was heartening to note, they said, that the President of India Dr A P J Kalam had given a similar statement recently at Dar-es-Salaam saying "No country should have veto power. You need a new world order system to combat international terrorism. Eight CMS students on behalf of 29,000 children of the school, representing world's two billion children and generations yet unborn reiterated their commitment to world unity and peace. The upcoming Presidential election in the USA will prove to be a turning-point for the world because they are being contested between two ideologies — one, which favours world unity and the other which disunites the world.

"Given its superpower status, US policies impact and shape the future of the entire world as well. Thus, whether the US president is the one who believes in leading the world through a coalition approach or through a policy of divide and rule has to be seen" specified Amrendra Saxena of CMS, Mahanagar. "It has been reported that all the cruise missiles, tank shells, bombs and other war material including bullets used by the United States army in Iraq are coated with uranium dust or depleted uranium. Just one cruise missile has about 800 pounds of depleted uranium and all together USA has sprayed about four million pounds of depleted uranium all over Iraq! The total amount of depleted uranium released in Iraq is equivalent to two and a half lakh atomic bombs of the type used in Nagasaki. Over the next few decades, millions of innocent Iraqis will continue to die a horrible death because of all the depleted uranium that the USA has sprayed all over Iraq. Being committed to the cause of world unity and peace as CMS students, we are, in fact, encouraging Uncle Kerry for harbouring the noble intention of promoting world unity," said Maria Parveen of CMS, Rajendranagar. Anshul Verma of CMS, Station Road, said, "Let me clarify that I am not supporting John Kerry as the Democratic candidate for the US Presidential polls for political reasons. We, CMS children, are supporting his idea of promoting world unity. John Kerry's statement, "Bush has disunited the world instead of uniting it," makes it very clear that John Kerry believes that America's role should be one of uniting the entire world but has failed on this count. This shows that John Kerry is for world unity". John Kerry has talked about a 'coalition of the able' to fight terror and we feel that this is suggestive of a global government,' remarked Reema Chugani of CMS, Mahanagar Branch. Sukhmeet Singh of CMS, Mahanagar, said, "We, CMS children, have nothing to do with politics. We have never ever got involved in any political campaign whatsoever. But we are taking interest in the election simply because it would decide the future not only of USA but also of the entire world. "John Kerry's statement that the US President should "lead the nations of the world into a new era of security, freedom and peace for all" reflects a collaborative approach rather than an aggressive one, chipped in his schoolmate Avinash Piplani.

"Children are the worst sufferers in wars and we are against all wars and therefore want peace in the world," said Krittika Lamba of CMS, Rajendranagar Branch. "This US election is not just another routine election of any small or insignificant country. It is going to decide the fate of humanity; it is a question of the survival of humanity. The USA with a stockpile of over 12,000 nuclear warheads is capable of killing anywhere in the world. How can the world afford to give the nuclear trigger in the hands of a man like George Bush who has dealt a serious blow to the UNO?", she explained. "CMS students have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, being the world's only school to have been awarded the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in 2002 and the world's largest school with over 29,000 students as has been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records. It is by virtue of these honours conferred upon us that we raise our voice on behalf of the world's two billion children and generations-yet-unborn," added Gurkiran Sawhney of CMS, Station Road.

Inter-branch athletics
CMS, Kanpur Road, won the championship of the 4-day inter-branch athletics meet organised by CMS Inspection Department at Chowk stadium.While CMS, Kanpur Road, won this championship scoring a total of 56 points, CMS, Rajajipuram, and CMS, Gomtinagar, were the runners-up with 46 and 39 points respectively.
Badminton tournament
A two-day inter-branch badminton tournament was organised by CMS in the badminton hall of CMS, Kanpur Road. While in the boys' category, CMS, Station Road, won the championship, scoring 11 points, the championship in the girls' category was jointly won by CMS, Mahanagar (New Building), and CMS, Gomtinagar.
Football tournament

An inter-branch football tournament was organized by CMS at Chowk Stadium for the under 14 age group on 6 August. The final of this tournament was played between Mahanagar (NB) and Aliganj (NB). CMS, Aliganj, defeated Mahanagar
4-3 and won the championship.

Football championship

Students from 6 CMS branches participated in the inter-branch football tournament organized by CMS, Kanpur Road, at Chowk Stadium on 2 August. In the final match played between CMS, Kanpur Road and CMS Chowk, both the teams played excellently. Towards the end of the game, success lay with CMS, Kanpur Road, as it scored over its opponents and defeated, CMS, Chowk, by a margin of 2-1. CMS, Kanpur Road, thus walked away with the championship trophy of the contest.


The 2-day inter-branch judo championship was held on 31 August and 1 September at CMS, Kanpur Road, Games Hall. The competition was organised for under 14 boys and girls in different categories. CMS, Station Road, won the championship scoring 32 points in the boys' category and 27 points in the girls'. Vaishali Shreeva of CMS, Station Road, and Shahwan Naeem of CMS, Rajendra Nagar (UPIL), were declared the best judokas in girls' and boys' groups respectively.

IT awareness

Mr Sachindra Bharti and Mr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, teachers at CMS, Kanpur Road, participated in the National Teacher’s Science Congress organised by Rashtriya Vigyan Evam Prodyogiki Sanchar Parishat (DST), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India in Ujjain. The conference was held at Vikram University, Ujjain, from 9 to 13 September 2004. Both Mr. Bharti and Mr. Mehrotra presented papers on ‘Empowerment of People Through IT’ at the Conference.

Science awards

The Science and Technology Department of Uttar Pradesh has honoured CMS students of Aliganj Branch with science awards for securing the highest marks in mathematics and computer science at the ISC examination. These students are Rajiv Fonia, Tushar Sharma, Himani Gupta, Jyoti Shukla, Charu Dixit, Shivanshu Dixit, Monica Pandey and Siddharth Srivastava.

US scholarship

Saurabh Tejwani, an alumnus of City Montessori School, Station Road, has been offered a scholarship of Rs 40 lakh to pursue his Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. Saurabh passed out from IIT (Pawai). Saurabh did his ISC from CMS, Station Road, and thereafter was selected for IIT, Pawai.