05 - December - 2019

2nd day of World Peace Festival 'Confluence-2019'

Lucknow, December 05: The second day of the International Festival of World Unity and World Peace 'Confluence-2019' organized by CMS, Indira Nagar Campus witnessed an amazing overflow of multisided talents of the students of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Uganda and various states of India, the spectators were amazed and clapped heartily. While on the one hand, it was dramatization (Opera House) which occupied the attention of viewers, on the other hand, in Rhythmic Taal (Choreography), the contestants presented a variety of items sending across the message of Unity of Hearts. Similarly, the competitions like Waram So (Experimental Science Demonstration), Brain-a-Thon (Quiz) and Confluence (team event) also brought fore the talents of students.