14 - November - 2017

18th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World concludes Resolution passed unanimously by Chief Justices strongly urging for World Parliament, World Government & World Court of Justice

Lucknow, November 14: Participants of '18th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World' including the sitting and former Prime Ministers and Presidents of 6 countries, Chief Justices and judges of 56 countries, unanimously called upon all nations of the world to get together for safeguarding the future of the world's children, releasing the Resolution of the Conference on the concluding day of the Conference in the form of 'Lucknow Declaration' on Children’s Day 14 November at Hotel Clarks Avadh, Lucknow. This historic Conference, convened by CMS Founder Dr Jagdish Gandhi from 8 to 14 November in Delhi and Lucknow, held intense deliberations and discussion on ways to safeguard the future of the world's 2.5 billion children and generations yet unborn. The Lucknow Declaration urges all the nations of the world to unite and form a New World Order based upon effective global governance through a democratically elected and legally constituted World Parliament, World Government, World Constitution, World Currency and the World Court of Justice. Pandit Nehru’s prophetic words “Either the world will unite or it will perish” seemed to strike a warning bell in the minds of all present urging them to take immediate steps towards unification of mankind under a New World Order.

The Lucknow Declaration reads:

Resolution 2017

WHEREAS the present global scenario presents a dismal picture and any wrong step, deliberate or accidental, may thrust the world into chaos and nuclear war, leading to devastation, death and destruction;

AND WHEREAS there are enormous injustices in the world and poverty, inequality, hunger, illiteracy, disease and many other problems still remain unsolved and that there can be no peace without justice and no justice without enforceable world law and no law without democratic world government.

AND WHEREAS there is no let up in terrorism and that wars in some of the countries are still raging, inflicting heavy casualties and physical and mental agony on people, especially to children and women thereby rendering a large number of people homeless, fleeing from conflict zones to seek refuge in other countries.

AND WHEREAS the United Nations Organization – as the largest single organization, is working for peace, security, justice, human rights, social upliftment and development through its organs and various agencies and have made serious efforts to solve many problems, but has not been able to cope successfully with the primary responsibility as in the U.N. Charter and to take on new challenges or responsibilities.

AND WHEREAS survival of humanity is becoming critical, it is imperative that urgent concrete steps are taken to reform the United Nations with a view to making the U.N. fully democratic, representative and effective organization.

Now, therefore, we the Chief Justices and Judges from 56 countries of the world participating in the 18th International Conference of Chief Justices on Article 51 of the Constitution of India, organized by the City Montessori School, Lucknow, India, from 10th to 13th November, 2017 do hereby RE-AFFIRM the Resolutions passed in the previous Conferences and RESOLVE:-

  1. That Heads of State and Heads of Government of all countries of the World be urged:-
    1. to hold a high level meeting of Heads of State/Government on measures required for creating an effective structure for global governance including creation of World Parliament to enact enforceable world law, leading to establishment of World Government and World Court of Justice;
    2. to give urgent attention to steps required for success of the agreement made at the Conference of Parties at Paris in 2015 for keeping in check and reducing speed of global warming and climate change;
    3. to raise in the United Nations the issue of Review of U.N. Charter as required in its Articles 108 and 109; and
    4. to take effective measures against organizations and nations engaged in, or encouraging, terrorism or assisting or protecting terrorists and to isolate and condemn nations and organizations extending financial or material assistance to terrorists.
  2. That the United Nations Organization be urged:-
    1. to make earnest efforts for elimination of weapons of mass destruction (WMD);
    2. to make efforts for prevention of terrorism, extremism and wars waged under any pretext whatsoever; and
    3. to expedite review of the U.N. Charter including reform of the Security Council.
  3. That Members of World Judiciary be urged:-
    1. to require respective governments to arrange for imparting peace education and cultural understanding to students in all schools from early childhood;
    2. to promote respect for dignity of persons which is the basis of all fundamental human rights and freedoms; and
    3. to motivate respective national governments to take steps required under this Resolution, as and when occasion arises.

And Resolve that this Resolution be sent to all Heads of State and Heads of Government, Chief Justices of all countries of the World and to the Secretary General of the United Nations.